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VA - I Love Disco Dancefloor Gems 80's Vol.1-9 - 2008-2010 [ MP3 | 320 kbps ]

I Love Disco Dancefloor Gems 80's Vol.1-9
Italo-Disco | 9CD | MP3 | 320 kbps | 1,66 Mb

2008 - I Love Disco Dancefloor Gems 80's Vol.1

01.Atlanta - I Wanna Dance
02.Tolerance - Machinery
03.Casablanca - Scandal Eyes
04.T. C. Mirage - Talking Eyes
05.Digital Mind - Countdown
06.David Lyme - Let's Go To Lloret
07.Mata-Hari - Mata-Hari
08.Yosier - Mi Tormento
09.Brian And The Eden - Wishing You All The Best For Summer
10.Ma Ritter - You Are The One
11.Carlos Hammond - Nuevo Despertar
12.Chi Chi Liah - Proud Mary (Bonus Beat)

2008 - I Love Disco Dancefloor Gems 80's Vol.2

01.Atrium - Hey Tonight
02.Styloo - Why
03.John Arrow - It's Late Tonight
04.Schiffer - Get It Right
05.Salvy And Giuly - Stop The World
06.Savoire Faire - Talkin' To The Stars
07.Felli - Greatest Mind
08.Pancho Ballet - Dancing Shoes
09.Sal Wood - Heat The Beat
10.Flexy Summer - Indio
11.Phoebus - Frankenstein
12.Yvonne K. - I've Got The Music In Me

2008 - I Love Disco Dancefloor Gems 80's Vol.3

01.Monte Kristo - Sherry Mi-Sai
02.Grant Miller - California Train
03.Magazine 60 - Rendez-Vous Sur La Costa Del Sol
04.Martinelli - Revolution
05.Clay Pedrini - New Dream
06.Doctor's Cat - Watch Out!
07.Lisa G. - Call My Name
08.Mark Tower - You Aren't Fall In Love
09.Mr. Flagio - Take A Chance
10.Vic Trick - I Want Someone To love
11.Future State - Future State
12.Anthony D'Urso - Feel The Night

2008 - I Love Disco Dancefloor Gems 80's Vol.4

01.Laser Dance - Power Run (Swedish Remix)
02.Alex Chroma Band - A New Day
03.Lala - Johnny, Johnny
04.Andrea Di Lazzaro - Never Leave Me (Ever Love Me)
05.Sahara & Kano - Carry On
06.Chaya "Russian Affair
07.Night People - Night Girl
08.Les McKeown - It's A Game
09.Paul Faber - Only One
10.Kai Morgan - Secret Lover (Cold As Ice)
11.Jody - J - Les Americains
12.Mono Band - Ghost Town
13.Pinto - Sing A Song Of Joy

2009 - I Love Disco Dancefloor Gems 80's Vol.5

01.Fair Control- Angel Eyes
02.T.H. Virgin - New Lover
03.Dhuo - Walkin"
04.Kenny Masters - S.O.S. - Fire In My Heart
05.Hemyl - Keep On Rockin
06.Joe Yellow - Recollection
07.Cyber People - Digital Signal Processor
08.M = P.B. - Co-Operation
09.Glam - More Than Ever
10.Flexi Cowboys - Domination
11.Trilogy - Black Devil
12.Ryn'o - Gigolo

2009 - I Love Disco Dancefloor Gems 80's Vol.6

01.Roxana - In Your Eyes
02.Cruisin' Gang - Be My Life
03.Ziad Rye - Don't Kill Me With Your Eyes
04.Baby's Gang - My Little Japanese Boy
05.Solid Strangers - Gimme The Light
06.Interface - Like Puppets
07.Kenny Masters - Touch Of Magic
08.Faber D.J. - For Your Love
09.B. Rose - Hey D.J. (Give Me A Lot Of Music)
10.Travel Sex - Sexiness
11.Fair Control - Symphony Of Love
12.Joy - Japanese Girls

2009 - I Love Disco Dancefloor Gems 80's Vol.7

01.The Puppets - The Way Of Life
02.Stelee Up - Waiting For You
03.Garland - Heartbeat
04.David Gray - Let's Dance Tonight
05.Boys Next Door - Stop Watch Killer
06.B. Blase - Bandolero
07.Kay Franzes - Shadow In The Night
08.Barry Lane - Blue Body Dancer
09.Solo - Harem
10.Charly Danone - Take Me To Bed
11.Roger Meno - Don't Go Away
12.Sweet Connection - Heart To Heart
13.Executive - Executive Dance

2010 - I Love Disco Dancefloor Gems 80's Vol.8

01.Mike Mareen - Agent Of Liberty
02.Midnight Shift, The - Stop Me Now
03.Boys Next Door - Lady Of The Night
04.Howard Grace - Monovision
05.Jessica Blue - The Dark Of Light
06.Android - Skydancer
07.Coco Bill - Evita (Avoid)
08.Barry Lane - Take A Chance
09.Crysalis - I Never Dance
10.Dee D. Jackson - My Sweet Carillon
11.Randy Wiper - I'd Like To Know
12.John Mendes - Love Is The Reason

2010 - I Love Disco Dancefloor Gems 80's Vol.9

01. Boys Next Door - I Will Follow You
02. Dave Merlin - Electric Nights (Disco Remix II)
03. Bolero - Heartache
04. Power Machine - Don't Stop
05. Cariocas - Batida
06. Clio - Eyes
07. Caron - Out Of The Night (The First Step)
08. Basic - Face In The Night
09. Boris Parker - Thinkin Of You (Ha! Uhu! Uhu! Ha! Ha!)
10. Mark - Tropical Climate
11. Blanca Wells - Take My Hand
12. Lee Max - Stand Up Tonight
13. Body Games - Stop Love

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