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Italo Disco Rarities vol 1-8 (2010)

Italo Disco Rarities vol 1-8 (2010)



01.Julia Claire - Cat In Disquise
02.Chicass - On Y Va
03.Steve Clark - No More Love (Extended Version)
04.Style - Run For You'r Life
05.DJ's Project - Vision Of Love (Extended Version)
06.Dyva - Stay With Me Tonight (Short Version)
07.Julia Claire - A Summer Romance
08.Corynne Charby - Boule De Flipper (Long Version)
09.Axordy - You
10.Bruce & Bongo - Geil
11.Stage - Voodoo Dance
12.Lili & Susie - Can't Let You Go


01.Alex Chroma Band - A New Day
02.Talkin' Fog - Wait Baby Wait
03.Facts & Fiction - Melody D'Amour
04.JK - Go On
05.Joy Peters - One Night In Love (Extended)
06.Ricky Maltese - Rainy Day
07.Roxanne - Boys In Black Cars
08.Squash Gang - I Want An Illusion
09.Stella - You And Me (Eurodance Remix)
10.The Twins - Face To Face
11.Ventura - Another Time
12.Andrea Di Lazzaro - Never Leave Me
13.Gina T & New Baccara - Touch Me
14.Phil & Stan - Perfect Lovers


01.Vasso - Never Gonna Give U Up
02.Savage - Twothousandnine (Italo Radio Edit)
03.Fesh - Scandal Eyes
04.Cliff Matthews - With A Knife
05.Leslie Mandoki & Eva Sun - Korea
06.Lian Ross - Say You'll Never (Brasilian Import Remix)
07.John The Whistler - I'm In Love (Bonus Version)
08.Colonia - Zadnij Voz Za Paris
09.Fourteen 14 - Goodbye (Extended Euro Mix)
10.Fresh Fox - Queen Of The Night (Radio Mix)
11.Regina - Day By Day (Ghosts The Part Mix)
12.Siberian Heat - Sorry (Maxi Version)
13.Topo & Roby - Under The Ice


01.Tom Reichel - Never say Never
02.Hellfire Club - You're The Lady Of The Night
03.New Romantique - Shy Like An Angel (Long Version)
04.Closed - Crazy Love (Extended Version)
05.Body Heat - Don't Want You Kisses
06.Roxanne - Don't You Know Don't You Know
07.Modern Hungaria - Elfujja A Szel
08.Nove - Ride My Bike
09.Roni Griffith - Take Me Out
10.Shy Rose - I Cry For You
11.Chicasss - Who´s Gonna Ever Love You More
12.Danny Owens - Hot Nights In Ibiza
13.Suzy Q - Can't Live (Without Your Love)
14.Mark Ashley - You Are My Paradise


01.Mr Zivago - Russian Paradise (Dance Version)
02.Systems In Blue - Heaven & Hell
03.Patty Ryan feat Systems In Blue - Should I Stay, Should I Go
04.John The Whistler - She's My Girl
05.MC Jack & Sister J. - Movin` Up And Down
06.Blue - Stars
07.Forgotten Talking - I Wanna Touch You
08.Double You feat Alexia - Because Lovin' You (Euroversion)
09.Shamall - Feeling Like a Stranger
10.Siberian Heat - Siberian Girl, Siberian Boy
11.The Flirts - Like A Thief In The Night
12.Bella Vista - Mittendrin
13.Roomservice - Wer Ficken Will Muss Freundlich Sien
14.Bazykina Twins - Moscow Nights
15.Antonella - Babe I Love You
16.Disco Bonus - Gina

vol 6 :

01-Dr. Roof - Deep in my Heart
02-Joy Peters - Don`t ask me why
03-Alexis - Bye Bye Japan (Healing Version)
04-Body Heat -Mad About You (club mix)
05-Brando - Rainy Day
06-Wayne Scott - Rambo (This Time We're Gonna Win)
07-Vera Boca - Top Manager
08-Trance Dance - Far Out Away (LP Version 1988)
09-Tom Carabba - The Deliverance (Long Version)
10-Thomastic & Helene - Gun In Your Pocket
11-Terry Devol - C'est La Vie
12-Tangui - Amour Combat (Extended Version 1987)
13-Style - It's A Secret
14-Louis - Summer in the Dark

vol.7 :

01-White Pilow - So lonely
02-Style - Love Hate
03-Sigma Fay - You're The Drug In My Life
04-Shooting Party - Safe In The Arms Of Love ( 12'' Version )
05-Samuel - Baby Girl
06-Roby Rotondo - For Your Love
07-Cynthia - Springtime (Extented Version)
08-Alones - Por Amarte
09-Chang - New Life(Maxi Version)
10-Body Heat - Dancing In The Moonlight (murder mix)
11-Andy Romano - Don't Run Away (Extended)
12-Baltinore - Strangers from the Light
13-Juliane Werding - Jenseits Der Nacht
14-Avalanche - Johnny, Johnny Come Home
15-Antilles - Longing For The Spring

vol.8 :

01-Collective - Call Me (When You're Sad)
02-Michael Zager - Lets All Chant ' 94
03-Kano - It's A War
04-Bad Boys Blue - Queen Of My Dreams
05-Jim Player - Run To Me (Extended Version)
06-David B. - Starry Nights
07-Ghery M & Ocean D. - Love`s Emotions
08-London Boys - Put A Meaning In My Life ('87 Single Version)
09-Gurcan Erdem - Blue Rhapsody
10-Happy Hour - Wie Geht's (No Long Drink Mix)
11-Marisa Machado - Wet Dreams (Digimax Remix Extended Version)
12-Jeanne Mas - Femmes D`Aujourd`hui
13-Ma Ritter - You Are The One
14-JohnnyM5 - The Night (For You & Me ) (Extended Version)
15-Matthias Reim - Gib uns nicht auf


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