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Data: 6 Listopad 2010
Kategoria: MUZYKA » Albumy

Elton John - Mp3 Collection - 14 CD

Elton John - Mp3 Collection - 14 CD
Year: 2005 | Genre: Pop | Length: 12:06:42 | Size: 692.66 Mb (recovery 5%)
Format: mp3 / Quality: 128 kbps

Tracklist :

Empty Sky 1969
01. Empty Sky
02. Val-Hala
03. Western Ford Gateway
04. Hymn 2000
05. Lady What's Tomorrow
06. Sails
07. The Scaffold
08. Skyline Pigeon
09. Gulliver

Elton John 1970
01. Your Song
02. I Need You to Turn To
03. Take Me to the Pilot
04. No Shoe Strings on Louise
05. First Episode at Hienton
06. Sixty Years On
07. Border Song
08. The Greatest Discovery
09. The Cage John, Taupin
10. The King Must Die

Don't Shoot Me I'm Only The Piano Player 1973
01 Daniel
02 Teacher I Need You
03 Elderberry Wine
04 Blues For My Baby And Me
05 Midnight Creeper
06 Have Mercy On The Criminal
07 I'm Gonna Be A Teenage Idol
08 Texan Love Song
09 Crocodile Rock
10 High Flying Bird

21 AT 33 1980
01 Chasing The Crown
02 Little Jeanie
03 Sartorial Eloquence
04 Two Rooms At The End Of The World
05 White Lady White Powder
06 Dear God
07 Never Gonna Fall In Love Again
08 Take Me Back
09 Give Me The Love

Too Low For Zero 1983
01 Cold As Christmas (In The Middle Of The Year)
02 I'm Still Standing
03 Too Low For Zero
04 Religion
05 I Guess That's Why They Call It The Blues
06 Crystal
07 Kiss The Bride
08 Whipping Boy
09 Saint
10 One More Arrow

Breaking Hearts 1984
02.Slow Down Georgie (She's Poison)
03.Who Wears These Shoes?
04.Breaking Hearts (Ain't What It Used To Be)
05.Li'L 'Frigerator
07.In Neon
08.Burning Buildings
09.Did He Shoot Her
10.Sad Songs (Say So Much)

Ice On Fire 1985
01 Leather Jackets
02 Hoop Of Fire
03 Don't Trust That Woman
04 Go It Alone
05 Gypsy Heart
06 Slow Rivers
07 Heartache All Over The World
08 Angeline
09 Memory Of Love
10 Paris
11 I Fell Apart

Sleeping With The Past 1989
01. Durban deep
02. Healing hands
03. Whispers
04. Club at the end of the street
05. Sleeping with the past
06. Stones throw from hurtin'
07. Sacrifice
08. I never knew her name
09. Amazes me
10. Blue avenue

Duets 1993
01. Teardrops (k.d. lang & Elton John)
02. When I Think About Love (I Think About You) (P.M. Dawn & Elton John)
03. The Power (Little Richard & Elton John)
04. Shakey Ground (Don Henley & Elton John)
05. True Love (Kiki Dee & Elton John)
06. If You Were Me (Chris Rea & Elton John)
07. A Woman's Needs (Tammy Wynette & Elton John)
08. Old Friend (Nik Kershaw & Elton John)
09. Go On And On (Gladys Knight & Elton John)
10. Don't Go Breaking My Heart (RuPaul & Elton John)
11. Ain't Nothing Like The Real Thing (Marcella Detroit & Elton John)
12. I'm Your Puppet (Paul Young & Elton John)
13. Love Letters (Bonnie Raitt & Elton John)
14. Born To Lose (Leonard Cohen & Elton John)
15 Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me (George Michael & Elton John)
16. Duets For One (Elton John)

Made In England 1995
01. Believe [0:04:55.37]
02. Made In England [0:05:08.08]
03. House [0:04:27.17]
04. Cold [0:05:37.50]
05. Pain [0:03:50.25]
06. Belfast [0:06:30.38]
07. Latitude [0:03:36.00]
08. Please [0:03:53.62]
09. Man [0:05:15.50]
10. Lies [0:04:28.63]
11. Blessed [0:05:02.25]

The Big Picture 1997
01. Long Way From Happiness
02. Live Like Horses
03. The End Will Come
04. If The River Can Bend
05. Love's Got A Lot To Answer For
06. Something About The Way You Look Tonight
07. The Big Picture
08. Recover Your Soul
09. January
10. I Can't Steer My Heart Clear Of You
11. Wicked Dreams

Aida 1999
01.Another Pyramid - Sting
02.Written in the Stars - Elton John and LeAnn Rimes
03.Easy as Life [Featuring Angelique Kidjo] - Tina Turner
04.My Strongest Suit - Spice Girls
05.I Know the Truth - Elton John and Janet Jackson
06.Not Me - Boyz II Men
07.Amneris' Letter - Shania Twain
08.A Step Too Far - Elton John, Heather Headly and Sherie Scott
09.Like Father, Like Son - Lenny Kravitz
10.Elaborate Lives - Heather Headly
11.How I Know You - James Taylor
12.The Messenger - Elton John and Lulu
13.The Gods Love Nubia - Kelly Price
14.Enchantment Passing Through - Dru Hill
15.Orchestral Finale

One Night Only 2000
01 Goodbye Yellow Brick Road
02 Philadelphia Freedom
03 Don't Go Breaking My Heart
04 Rocket Man I Think It's Going To Be A Long Long Time
05 Daniel
06 Crocodile Rock
07 Sacrifice
08 Can You Feel The Love Tonight
09 Bennie And The Jets
10 Your Song
11 Sad Songs Say So Much
12 Candle In The Wind
13 The Bitch Is Back
14 Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting
15 I'm Still Standing
16 Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me (Duet With George Michael
17 I Guess That's Why They Call It The Blues

Songs From The West Coast 2001
01. The Emporor's New Clothes
02. Dark Diamond
03. Look Ma, No Hands
04. American Triangle
05. Original Sin
06. Birds
07. I Want Love
08. The Wasteland
09. Ballad Of The Boy In The Red Shoes
10. Love Her Like Me
11. Mansfield
12. This Train Don't Stop There Anymore

Bonus 2003
Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word (Duet With Blue)





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