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Data: 10 Październik 2010
Kategoria: MUZYKA » Albumy

VA - Jazz in Britain (1919-1950) (2005)

VA - Jazz in Britain (1919-1950) (2005)
4CDs | Genre: Jazz | Release: 2005 | Label: Proper Records Ltd. England | MP3 320 kbps | 715.08 MB

This 4-CD set is one of the most comprehensive surveys of the evolution of jazz music in the UK, as played by visiting luminaries from the USA as well as those who were inspired by the Americans but born and bred on home turf. Tracing the story from 1919 and the first visits to London by the Original Dixieland Jazz Band, this set takes in visits to the UK by the likes of Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington and Benny Goodman during the Swing era and then illustrates the influence these musicians had on the likes of homegrown talent such as Harry Parry, George Shearing and Nat Gonella. As the waves from the bebop revolution reached the UK in the '40s, musicians such as Ronnie Scott and John Dankworth took up the baton, their performances included here along with recordings of those who influenced them, such as Dizzy Gillespie. It includes many rare recordings that have never been issued on CD, or indeed LP, having only surfaced previously on 78s.


CD 1

1-01 Original Dixieland Jazz Band - At The Jazz Band Ball
1-02 Paul Whiteman & His Orchestra - Way Down Yonder In New Orleans
1-03 The Georgians - Snake's Hips
1-04 The Original Capitol Orchestra - Tiger Rag
1-05 Savoy Orpheans - Eccentric
1-06 Mound City Blue Blowers - Morning After Blues
1-07 Jack Hylton's Kit-Kat Band - Riverboat Shuffle
1-08 The Plantation Orchestra - Arabella's Wedding Day
1-09 Devonshire Dance Band - Sugar Foot Stomp
1-10 Fred Elizalde And His Cambridge Undergraduates - Stomp Your Feet
1-11 Bert Firman's Rhythmic Eight - You Don't Like It, Not Much
1-12 Bert Firman's Rhythmic Eight - Miss Annabelle Lee
1-13 Jack Hylton's Rhythmagicians - Grieving For You
1-14 Fred Elizalde's Savoy Hotel Band - Dixie
1-15 Jay Whidden & His New Midnight Follies Band - A Dicky Bird Told Me So
1-16 Eddie South & His Alabamians - Two Guitars
1-17 Fred Elizalde - Nobody's Sweetheart
1-18 Noble Sissles And His Orchestra - Miranda
1-19 Alan Selby and his Band - Love Me Or Leave Me
1-20 Philip Lewis and his Orchestra - That's A Plenty
1-21 Jack Hart And His Band - Song Of Dawn
1-22 Ted Lewis And His Band - Sobbin 'Blues
1-23 Jimmy Dorsey / Spike Hughes & His Three Blind Mice - St Louis Blues
1-24 Spike Hughes & His Orchestra - Funny, Dear, What Love Can Do
1-25 Night Club Kings - Allah's Hollidays
1-26 Billy Cotton & His Band - Bessie Couldn't Help It

CD 2

2-01 Spike Hughes & His Orchestra - Buddy's Wednesday Outing
2-02 Louis Armstrong & His Orchestra - Sunny Side Of The Street - Part 2
2-03 Duke Ellington & His Orchestra - Ain't Misbehavin '
2-04 Duke Ellington - Duke Ellington Talking To Percy Mathison Brooks
2-05 Duke Ellington & His Orchestra - Hyde Park
2-06 Madame Tussaud's Dance Band - Jazz Cocktail
2-07 Ray Noble & His Orchestra - Japanese Sandman
2-08 Jack Hylton & His Orchestra - Ellingtonia
2-09 Cab Calloway & His Orchestra - Jitter Bug
2-10 Joe Venuti & His Blue Four - Romantic Joe
2-11 Lew Stone & His Band - I Ain't Got Nobody
2-12 Valaida Snow / Billy Mason and his Orchestra - I Wish I Were Twins
2-13 Nat Gonella And His Georgians - Fascinating Rhythm
2-14 Gery Moore - Stars Fell On Alabama
2-15 Washboard Serenaders - Sheik Of Araby
2-16 Mario "Harp" Lorenzi And His Rhythmics - Some Of These Days
2-17 Duncan Whyte - Hummin 'To Myself
2-18 Nat Gonella And His Georgians - Singin 'The Blues
2-19 Benny Carter & His Orchestra - Nightfall
2-20 The Swing Rhythm Boys - Is It True What They Say About Dixie?
2-21 Garland Wilson - Just A Mood
2-22 Buck & Bubbles - Lady Be Good
2-23 Benny Carter & His Orchestra - Gin And Jive
2-24 Teddy Hill And His NBC Orchestra - King Porter Stomp
2-25 Ambrose And His Orchestra - Cotton Pickers' Congregation
2-26 Sid Phillips & his Orchestra - Amoresque
2-27 Danny Polo & His Swing Stars - Blue Murder Buddy's Wednesday Outing

CD 3

3-01 Art Tatum - Sheik Of Araby
3-02 Danny Polo & His Swing Stars - If You Were The Only Girl In The World
3-03 Freddy Gardner & His Swing Orchestra - Have You Got Any Castles, Baby?
3-04 Una Mae Carlisle And Her Jam Band - I'm Crazy 'Bout My Baby
3-05 Fats Waller & His Rhythm - Ain't Misbehavin '
3-06 Le Quintette Du Hot Club De France - Lambeth Walk
3-07 Ken 'Snakehips' Johnson & His West Indian Dance Band - Snakehips Swing
3-08 Freddy Gardner & His Swing Orchestra - 10 AM Blues
3-09 Jack Hylton's Band With Coleman Hawkins - My Melancholy Baby
3-10 Harry Roy & His Orchestra - Darktown Strutters Ball
3-11 Blue Mariners With Jack Llewellyn - Stardust
3-12 Johnny Claes And His Clay Pigeons - I Heard
3-13 Harry Parry And His Radio Rhythm Club Sextet - The Java Joint
3-14 HMV Public Jam Session - Tea For Two
3-15 Cyril Blake And His Jig's Club Band - Blue Skies
3-16 Melody Maker Competition Band - Red Duster Rag
3-17 Phil Green & His Basin Street Band - Bugle Call Rag
3-18 Buddy Featherstonehaugh's RAF HQ Bomber Command Sextet - Buddy's Blues
3-19 Josephine Bradley And Her Jive Rhythm Orchestra - Rockin 'The Blues
3-20 Vic Lewis / Jack Parnell Jazzmen - I'm Comin 'Virginia
3-21 George Shearing Sextet - Five Flat Flurry
3-22 Leslie "Jiver" Hutchinson And His Coloured Orchestra - Swing Low Sweet Chariot
3-23 Vic Lewis / Jack Parnell Jazzmen - Dick's Boogie
3-24 Miff Ferrie And His Ferrymen - In A Little Spanish Town
3-25 Tony Short Trio With Wally Fawkes - 165 Blues
3-26 Ted Heath And His Music - Bakerloo Non-Stop
3-27 The Squadronaires - Hey Ba-Ba-Rebop

CD 4

4-01 Harry Hayes And His Band - Blue Charm
4-02 Harry Hayes And His Band - Rckin 'In Rhythm
4-03 George Webb's Dixielanders - When The Saints Go Marching In
4-04 Melody Maker Columbia Jazz Rally - Blue Moon
4-05 Melody Maker Columbia Jazz Rally - Thriving On A Riff
4-06 The Ray Ellington Quartet - Five Guys Named Moe
4-07 Victor Feldman Quartet - Mop Mop
4-08 All Star Sextet - I Can't Get Started
4-09 Graeme Bell & His Australian Jazz Band - Shim-Me-Sha-Wabble
4-10 Freddy Randall & His Band - Wolverine Blues
4-11 Mark White Presents Jazz Club - Jazz Club Stomp
4-12 The Ronnie Scott's Club 11 Boptet - Wee Dot
4-13 Johnny Dankworth Quartet - Lover Man
4-14 Alan Dean and his Beboppers - Gone With The Windmill
4-15 Carlo Krahmer's Chicagoans - Blues In Thirds
4-16 Benny Goodman - BBC Broadcast Medley
4-17 Ted Heath & His Orchestra - Lyonia
4-18 The Yorkshire Jazz Band - Alexander's Ragtime Band
4-19 Sidney Bechet With Humphrey Lyttelton And His Band - Some Of These Days
4-20 Coleman Hawkins - It's Only A Paper Moon
4-21 Humphrey Lyttelton & His Band - Maple Leaf Rag





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