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Data: 9 Październik 2010
Kategoria: MUZYKA » Albumy

VA - Hitsville USA - The Motown Singles Collection Vol 2 1972-1992 [4CD Set]

VA - Hitsville USA - The Motown Singles Collection Vol 2 1972-1992 [4CD Set]
Genre: Funk, Soul, Pop, Rock | Label: Motown | 4CD | MP3 320 kbps | 758 MB

Where the first Hitsville box suffered from not featuring enough material, the sequel suffers from having too many tracks. During the 1970s, the label lost its distinctive sound, although the hits continued to come for a number of years. Unfortunately, as the years progress, the hits become fewer and less distinctive -- they follow the trends, instead of setting them. Perhaps this could have been a successful 2-CD set, but at four discs, there aren't enough gems to justify the hefty price ticket.

The first box set dealt with Motown's Golden Era (1959 - 1971) when they were a hit factory in Detroit. This set captures highlights from the next 20 years, after Motown had relocated in Los Angeles and the hits weren't so automatic. Because of the large number of great recordings found here that aren't readily available elsewhere, this set for me - a Motown collector - was far more enjoyable. Disc one covers 1972 - 1975 and includes The Four Tops' dramatic "A Simple Game" (written and produced by members of the Moody Blues). A huge hit in England, it undeservedly stiffed here, and wasn't available on disc until this set (it is now also available domestically on the Four Tops box set FOUREVER). There's also the irresistible Valerie Simpson solo gem "Silly, Wasn't I" and the nostalgic "Shoe Shoe Shine" by the flamboyant Dynamic Superiors (try finding any of the Superiors' recordings on disc elsewhere!) Another rarity is G.C. Cameron's "It's So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday" - a far superior recording to the Boyz II Men hit remake. Disc two captures recordings from 1976 - 1979. High Inergy's only real hit, the classy "You Can't Turn Me Off," clearly shows that these gals were underappreciated and underutilized. Sassy Bonnie Pointer - represented here by her only top ten hit "Heaven Must Have Sent You" - and fiery Thelma Houston - with her Grammy winning "Don't Leave Me This Way" - also deserved more success. The disc belongs to Smokey Robinson, though, with his lush hits "Quiet Storm," "Crusin'," and "Being With You." Disc three tackles 1980 through 1985. Lionel Richie and Rick James' prominence at Motown at the time is apparent with their hefty appearances as artists and producers on this disc. My favorites include a latterday Motown effort by Michael Jackson ("One Day In Your Life" - perhaps the most touching recording he ever made), and the only real solo hit for former Temptations' lead singer Dennis Edwards' (the reggae tinged "Don't Look Any Further"). There's lots of fun dance stuff here too: Dazz Band's "Let It Whip," DeBarge's "Rhythm Of The Night," and Miss Ross' "Upside Down." Disc Four, spanning 1985 - 1992, shows Motown in transition. Stevie Wonder, The Temptations, and Smokey Robinson (the last of the artists from the Glory days) lead off the disc with some strong efforts, but by track eight the baton has been passed to youngsters like Johnny Gill and Boyz II Men. With a completely different sound and approach (and demographic) on the latter tracks, the set should have probably ended in 1987 with the Smokey hits (also leaving off the noisy Stacy Lattishaw piece of poop "Nail It To The Wall"). Motown is now just a name. Berry Gordy sold the label long ago, which conglomerate Universal Music now oversees. Since they and the other number crunchers who run the music industry today will never allow such joyous music to be created ever again, it is important to appreciate the magic found here.


01.Got To Be There (3:25)
02.Floy Joy (2:35)
03.A Simple Game (2:59)
04.Walk In The Night (4:12)
05.Ben (2:47)
06.Papa Was A Rolling Stone (7:00)
07.Silly Wasn't I (2:12)
08.Superstition (4:16)
09.Neither One Of Us (Wants To Be TheFirst To Say Goo... (4:24)
10.Touch Me In The Morning (3:28)
11.Let's Get It On (4:04)
12.Keep On Truckin' (Part 1) (3:35)
13.Boogie Down (3:52)
14.Dancing Machine (2:43)
15.Do It Baby (3:05)
16.Shoe Shoe Shine (3:48)
17.Harmour Love (3:39)
18.Love Power (3:35)
19.It's So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday (3:27)
20.Love Machine (Part 1) (3:02)
21.Walk Away From Love (3:18)

01.Quiet Storm (4:05)
02.Love Hangover (3:50)
03.I Want You (3:59)
04.Don't Leave Me This Way (3:42)
05.Got To Give It Up (Pt. 1) (4:15)
06.Sir Duke (3:57)
07.Easy (4:24)
08.You Can't Turn Me Off (In The Middle Of TurningMe On) (3:34)
09.Brick House (3:35)
10.You And I (3:13)
11.Three Times A Lady (3:40)
12.There'll Never Be (3:37)
13.Heaven Must Have Sent You (3:36)
14.Sail On (3:57)
15.Cruisin' (4:30)
16.Still (3:47)
17.With You I'm Born Again (3:42)
18.Let's Get Serious (3:36)
19.I Need Your Lovin' (3:53)
20.Being With You (4:00)

01.Upside Down (3:40)
02.Give It To Me Baby (3:54)
03.One Day In Your Life (4:19)
04.Square Biz (3:44)
05.Lady (You Bring Me Up) (4:01)
06.Super Freak (Pt. 1) (3:22)
07.Right In The Middle (Of Falling In Love) (3:44)
08.Let It Whip (4:09)
09.All Night Long (All Night) (4:19)
10.Time Will Reveal (4:08)
11.Don't Look Any Further (4:07)
12.I Just Called To Say I Love You (4:25)
13.Treat Her Like A Lady (4:09)
14.Ebony Eyes (4:04)
15.Nightshift (4:25)
16.Rhythm Of The Night (3:56)
17.Somebody's Watching Me (4:02)
18.In My House (3:57)

01.Part Time Lover (3:45)
02.Who's Johnny (4:11)
03.Lady Soul (4:47)
04.Nail It To The Wall (3:57)
05.Talk To Me (3:52)
06.Just To See Her (4:04)
07.One Heartache (4:07)
08.Dial My Heart (4:25)
09.Him Or Me (4:23)
10.Your Sweetness (4:05)
11.Where Do We Go From Here (4:21)
12.Rub You The Right Way (4:17)
13.Slow Motion (5:09)
14.Iesha (4:21)
15.Motownphilly (3:54)
16.I Love Your Smile (4:26)
17.End Of The Road (5:51)





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