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Data: 27 Sierpień 2010
Kategoria: MUZYKA » Albumy

VA - My Favorite Music Collection (2010)

Pop, Rock, Jazz, Country | Over 260 Songs | 2010 | MP3 | 128 kbps | 1.5 GB

This is just a collection of my favorite songs that i listen to the most. There are probably about 260+ songs so I made less clutter by putting songs into alphabetical folders. Most songs, if not all of them, are MP3. Most are 128 kbps but some have higher bit rate than that.
Here is a list of all the songs and what folder they are in....


Alphaville- Forever Young
Atlantic Starr- Always
Afroman- Because I Got High
Audio Machine- Guardians At The Gate


Bryan Adams- Please Forgive Me
Buddy Holly- That\'ll Be the Day
Billy Joel- My Life
Booker T And The MG\'s- Green Onions
Bob Dylan- The Times They Are A-Changing
Billy Joel- Piano Man
Buddy Holly- Everyday
Bill Haley- Rock Around The Clock
Barry White- Can\'t Get Enough Of Your Love
Buddy Holly- Oh Boy
Buddy Holly- Peggy Sue
Bryan Adams- Heaven
Bob Seger- We\'ve Got Tonight
Bon Jovi- Livin On A Prayer
Bob Marley- One Love
Billy Joel- Matter Of Trust
Bob Marley- Three Little Birds
Bryan Adams- (Everything i Do) I Do It For You
Boyz 2 Men- On Bended Knee
Boyz 2 Men and Mariah Carey- One Sweet Day
Bruce Springsteen- Brilliant Disguise


Cash, Johnny- The Man Comes Around
Canned Heat- Going Up The Country
Coolio- Gangsta\'s Paradise
Cash, Johnny- Give my Love To Rose
Coldplay- Yellow
Champs- Tequila
Climax Blues Band- I Love You
Club Nouveau- Lean On Me
Chris De Burgh- Lady In Red
Christopher Field- Gothic Power
Crosby, Stills and Nash- Our House
Cranberries- Dreams
Coal Men- Farther Find Me Now


Donovan- Hurdy Gurdy Man
Don Henley- Last Worthless Evening
David Bowie- Heroes
David Bowie- Sorrow
Dim Stars- Baby Huey
Derek And The Dominos- Layla (Piano Exit)
Dashboard Confessional- Reason To Believe
Don Ho- Tiny Bubbles


Elvis- Don\'t Be Cruel
Elton John- Tiny Dancer
Elvis- Hound Dog
Elton John- Sad Songs
Enrique Iglasias- Maybe
Elton Jonh- I want Love
Elvis- Are You Lonesome Tonight
Eminem- Till I Collapse
Edwin McCain- I could Not Ask For More
Eric Clapton- Tears In Heaven
Everlast- Only Love Can Break Your Heart


Gnarles Barkley- Crazy
Guns N Roses- Sweet Child Of Mine
Grateful Dead- Ripple
Gorillaz- Clint Eastwood
Gorillaz- Clint Eastwood (Radio One Recording)
George Micheal- One More Try
Gilbert O\' Sullivan- Alone Again


Ini Kamoze- Here Comes the Hotstepper


Jon Secada- Angel
John Pine- Sweet Revenge
Johnny Cash- Redemption Day
Johnny Cash- Cry, Cry, Cry
Johnny Cash- i Walk The Line
Jackson 5- I\'ll Be There
Jackson Browne- Somebodys Baby
Joshua Kadison- Beautiful In My Eyes
Johnny Cash- Ring Of Fire
Jim Croce- I Got A Name
John Cale- Big White Cloud
John Lennon- Mother
John Lennon- Just Like Starting Over
John Lennon- Watching The Wheels
John Lennon-Imagine
John Lennon- Stand By Me


Kid Rock- Cowboy
Kenny Rogers- Coward Of The County


Leonard Cohen- Everybody Knows
Luna- Sweet Child Of Mine
Leonard Cohen- Be For Real
Leonard Cohen- Democracy
LeAnn Rimes- How Do I Live
Loudon Wainwright III- Swimming Song
Leonard Cohen- The Future
Leonard Cohen- Waiting For The Miracle


Micheal Jackson- The Way You Make Me Feel
Micheal Jackson- You Are Not Alone
Marc Anthony- You Sang To Me
Micheal Jackson- Billie Jean
Macy Gray- I Try
Mellencamp, John- Cherry Bomb


Neil Diamond- I am...I Said (Live)
Neil Diamond- Forever In Blue Jeans
Neil Diamond- America
Neil Diamond- Sweet Caroline
Neil Diamond- Song Sung Blue (Live)


Phil Collins- Against All Odds
Paloalto- Breathe In
Percy Sledge- When A Man Loves A Women
Puff Daddy- I\'ll Be Missing You
Paul Simon- Father And Daughter
Phil Collins- I wish It Would Rain Down
Phil Collins- Another Day In Paradise
Pink Floyd Comfortable Numb


Rod Stewart- Rythem Of My Heart
Rod Stewart- Have I Told You Lately


Stewart, Rod- Some Guys Have All The Luck
Sinead O\' Conner- Nothing Compares 2 You
Sonny And Cher- I Got You Babe
Sophie B. Hawkins- As I Lay me Down
Sunny Ledfurd- I Dont Remember Last Night
Sheryl Crow- Sweet Child Of Mine
The Servants- Cells (instrumental)


Tim McGraw and Faith Hill- Like We Never Loved at all
The Beatles- I\'ll Follow The Sun
The Righteous Brothers- You\'ve Lost That Love And Feeling
Tommy James- Crimson And Clover
The Airborne Toxic Event- Sometime Around Midnight
Twisted Sister- We\'re Not Gonna Take It
Tom Petty-The Waiting
The Drifters- This Magic Moment
The Monkees- Daydream Believer
Tommy James- Draggin\' The Line
Tony Rich Project- Nobody Knows
The Fugees- Killing Me Softly
Tom Petty- Learning To Fly
The Cure- Pictures Of You
The Monkeys- I\'m A Believer
The Police- Every Breath You Take
The Smashing Pumpkins- Bullet With butterfly Wings
The Waterboys- Strange Boat


UB40- Red Red Wine
UB40- Can\'t Help Falling IN Love
U2- Still Haven\'t Found What I\'m Looking For
Uncle Cracker- Follow Me
U2- With Or Without You


Various Artists
--Simple Minds- Dont You Forget About Me
--Styx- Come Sail Away
--Nazareth- Love Hurts
--Paul Simon- Kodachrome
--Bob Seger- Against The Wind
--The Eagles- Lyin Eyes
--Bob Seger- Old Time Rock And Roll
Vitamin C- Graduation Song


Wycleaf Jean- No Women No Cry



Main Title- The Parachutes
The Motorcade
Escaping From Air Force One
Welcome Aboard, Sir
End Credits


Frank Lucas


Prologue- 65 Million Years Later
A wing And A Prayer
Asteroid Chase- The Shuttle Crash
Armageddon Suite


Ray Parker Jr. Ghostbusters
On Our Own
Savin The Day
Run DmC- Ghostbusters
Flip City
Higher And Higher
Ghostbusters 12 Single Remix


Honor Him
Now We are Free
Not Yet
Now We Are Free (Maximus Version)


The Letter That Johnny Walker Read
One Step Forward
Louisiana Women, Mississippi Man
New York City
Bed Of Roses
Queen Of Hearts


Armenian Superhero
Stand Up
Bad Reputation
Big Daddy Kills


Patriots March
Big Game America
Building A Champion
The Super Bowl
One Day. One Game


No Sacrifice, No Victory
Before It\'s Too Late


21 Guns


Main Menu


The Touch


Mustang Sally (the Commitments)
La Bamba (La Bamba)
Rush Rush (Scarface)
Come On, Lets Go (La Bamba)
Dont Turn Away- Thomas Dolby (Howard The Duck)
The Dark End Of The Street (The Commitments)
Crying,Waiting,Hoping (La Bamba)
Summertime Blues (La Bamba)
Dont Turn Away- Lea Thompson (Howard The Duck)
In The Midnight Hour (The Commitments)
Its Over Goodbye (Terminator 2: Judgment Day)
Victory Celebration And End Titles (Star Wars Episode 6)
Intro Theme (Scarface)
Battle Of The Heroes (Star Wars Episode 3)
Cantina Band (Star Wars Episode 4)
The Day The World Went Away (Terminator Salvation Trailer Remix)


Hummell Gets The Rockets (The Rock)
Main Title (Star Trek First Contact)
Will You Be There (Free Willy Theme)
Main Title (Speed)
Red Right Hand (Hellboy)
Cry Little Sister (The Lost Boys)
Let\'s Make Love Again (Defendor)
Bad Days (Batman Forever)
Ready For The Big Ride, Bubba (Face/off)
We\'re Going To Be Friends (Napoleon Dynamite)
The Final Ga,me (Rudy)
Turtle Rhapsody (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)
What\'s Eating Gilbert Grape Theme
Un Amico (Inglorious Bastereds)
End Titles (Independence Day)
The Lonely Shepherd (Kill Bill Vol 1)
The Sound Of Silence (Bobby)
Rain (Deadliest Catch)
China 4 (Battlefield Modern Combat)
Requiem For A Dream Remix
Damn It Feels Good To Be A Gangsta (Office Space)
Gran Torino
One Blood (Green Street Hooligans)
L\'Arena (Kill Bill Vol 2)
Suite (Stephen Kings IT)
We Are The Old (Al Bundy- Married With Children)
On The Wrong Side (With Honors)


Amish Paradise
Couch Potato
Like A Surgeon
Living With A Hernia
The Saga Begins
Addicted To Spuds
One More Minute
One Of Those Days
Achy Breaky Song
Happy Birthday
I Lost On Jeopardy
I Think Im A Clone Now
A Complicated Song
Livin In The Fridge
She Drives Like Crazy
Why Does This Always Happen To Me
Good Enough For Now
Ode To A Superhero
Good Old Days
Phony Calls
You Dont Love Me Anymore
Headline News




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