Data: 14 Sierpień 2010
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VA - 100 Hits Blues Rock (2010)

Genre: Blues Rock | 5CDs | Release: 2010 | MP3 320 kbps | 1.05 GB

001-Gary Moore-Walking By Myself.mp3

002-Joe Cocker-You Can Leave Your Hat On.mp3

003-Oscar Benton-Bensonhurst Blues.mp3

004-Fleetwood Mac-Black Magic Woman.mp3

005-Canned Heat-That`s All Right.mp3

006-Paul Rogers-The Hunter.mp3

007-The Allman Brothers Band-It`s Not My Cross To Bear.mp3

008-Cream-Born Under A Bad Sign.mp3

009-Eric Clapton-The Sky Is Crying.mp3

010-Bonnie Raitt-Finest Lovin` Man.mp3

011-Frank Marino & Mahogany Rush-All Along The Watchtower.mp3

012-Free-The Stealer.mp3

013-George Thorogood-Madison Blues.mp3

014-Creedence Clearwater Revival-Graveyard Train.mp3

015-The Doors-Roadhouse Blues (live).mp3

016-Janis Joplin-Misery `N.mp3

017-Jimi Hendrix-Bold As Love.mp3

018-Led Zeppelin-Dazed And Confused.mp3

019-Livin` Blues-Waitin` On You.mp3



021-Manfred Mann-Stormy Monday Blues.mp3

022-Canned Heat-Hill`s Stomp.mp3

023-Stevie Wonder-Living For The City.mp3

024-Deep Purple-Lazy.mp3

025-Livin` Blues-One Night Blues.mp3

026-The Rolling Stones-What A Shame.mp3

027-Juicy Lucy-Big Lil.mp3

028-Jethro Tull-Beggar`s Farm.mp3

029-John Mayall-A Big Man.mp3

030-Steppenwolf-Hoochie Coochie Man.mp3

031-Tina Turner-Night Time Is The Right Time.mp3

032-Joe Cocker-Black-Eyed Blues.mp3

033-Jeff Beck-Black Cat Moan.mp3

034-Eric Clapton-Blues Power (live).mp3

035-Creedence Clearwater Revival-I Heard It Through The G....mp3

036-Aerosmith-All Your Love.mp3

037-The Jeff Healey Band-Evil And Here To Stay.mp3

038-Gary Moore-Too Tired.mp3

039-Paul Rogers-Good Morning Little School Girl.mp3

040-George Thorogood-Move It On Over.mp3


041-Janis Joplin-One Good Man.mp3

042-Steppenwolf-Hodge, Podge Strained Through A Leslie.mp3

043-Bonnie Raitt-Love Me Like A Man.mp3

044-Canned Heat-Sneakin` Around.mp3

045-Tony Joe White-Polk Salad Annie.mp3

046-Jimi Hendrix-Catfish Blues.mp3

047-George Thorogood-One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer.mp3

048-Nazareth-Kentucky Fried Blues.mp3

049-Slade-I Don\' Mind.mp3

050-Tom Fogerty-Rocky Road Blues.mp3

051-Ten Years After-I Want To Know.mp3

052-Fleetwood Mac-Something Inside Of Me.mp3

053-John Mayall-John Lee Boogie.mp3

054-Joe Cocker-Inner City Blues.mp3

055-Stevie Wonder-You Haven`t Done Nothin`.mp3

056-Janis Joplin-Piece Of My Heart.mp3

057-The Doors-Crawling King Snake.mp3

058-Steppenwolf-Forty Days And Forty Nights.mp3

059-Juicy Lucy-Built For Comfort.mp3

060-The Beatles-Yer Blues.mp3


061-Deep Purple-Mistreated.mp3

062-Gary Moore-All Your Love.mp3

063-Paul Rogers-I Just Want To Make Love To You.mp3

064-John Mayall-Mama Talk To Your Daughter.mp3

065-Roger Waters-Sexual Revolution (4-41 AM).mp3

066-Eric Clapton-Early In The Morning.mp3

067-Joe Cocker-Fever.mp3

068-Sting-Rock Steady.mp3

069-Stevie Wonder-Jesus Children Of America.mp3

070-Janis Joplin-Trust Me.mp3

071-Bonnie Raitt-What Is Success.mp3

072-Jethro Tull-It`s Breaking Me Up.mp3

073-Steppenwolf-Chiken Wolf.mp3

074-Ten Years After-I Woke Up This Morning.mp3

075-The Jeff Healey Band-Don`t Let Your Change Go By.mp3

076-George Thorogood-The Sky Is Crying.mp3

077-Paul Rogers-Louisiana Blues.mp3

078-Aerosmith-Reefer Head Woman.mp3

079-Gary Moore-Oh Pretty Woman (feat. Albert King).mp3

080-Nazareth-Vigilante Man.mp3


081-Eric Burdon Band-Sixteen Tons.mp3

082-The Jeff Healey Band-See The Light.mp3

083-Paul Rogers-Rollin\' Stone.mp3

084-Roger Waters-What God Wants, part 1.mp3

085-Tina Turner-Rock Me Baby.mp3

086-Canned Head-Bullfrog Blues (live).mp3

087-Livin` Blues-Crazy Joe (live).mp3

088-Lynyrd Skynyrd-T For Texas (live).mp3

089-Eric Clapton-Driftin` Blues (live).mp3

090-Frank Marino & Mahogany Rush-I`m A King Bee (live).mp3

091-Gary Moore feat. B.B.King-The Thrill Is Gone (live).mp3

092-Aerosmith-Big Ten-Inch Record (live).mp3

093-Grand Funk-Mean Mistreater (live).mp3

094-Nazareth-I Want To Do Everything For You (live).mp3

095-Robin Trower-Father On Up The Road (live).mp3

096-Eric Clapton-Ramblin` On My Mind (live).mp3

097-The Allman Brothers Band-Statesboro Blues (live).mp3

098-Great White-Babe, I`m Gonna Leave You (live).mp3

099-The Doors-Close To You (live).mp3

100-Janis Joplin-Turtle Blues.mp3





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