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Data: 2 Wrzesień 2012
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Of Monsters and Men - My Head Is an Animal 2012
Release name: Of Monsters and Men - My Head Is an
Size: 139 MB

01 Dirty Paws.mp3
02 King and Lionheart.mp3
03 Mountain Sound.mp3
04 Slow and Steady.mp3
05 From Finner.mp3
06 Little Talks.mp3
07 Six Weeks.mp3
08 Love Love Love.mp3
09 Your Bones.mp3
10 Sloom.mp3
11 Lakehouse.mp3
12 Yellow Light.mp3
13 Numb Bears.mp3

Of Monsters and Men - indie-folk band from Iceland.


A group of four partiCENZURAnts made her debut on the music contest Músíktilraunir in 2010, where it became the winner.
[1] After a tour followed by Iceland, during which the team was joined by two of the partiCENZURAnts and began work on their own songs. Important was the speech on ?????????? festival Iceland Airwaves, after which the band recorded their first hit ?Little Talks? at the station of Seattle's radio KEXP-FM. The team signed a contract with the Record label Records to record his first album.
[2] the Nationwide popularity Of Monsters and Men contributed to radio WRFF-FM, has taken to himself the rotation of the ?Little Dog?. In September 2011 album My Head Is an Animal with ?Little Talks? as the first single. For success in Iceland, followed popularity in the United States, the band signed a contract with Universal Music Group for the publication of My Head Is an Animal on the world market.
[3] In December 2011 in the United States released the mini-album Into the Woods, including four of the songs on My Head Is an Animal, and in April of 2012 - My Head Is an Animal entirely.

All summer 2012 they were Little Talks held in all foreign charts.


Little Talks - the first single, 2011
Into the Woods - the first mini-album, 2011 (USA)
My Head Is an Animal - the first Studio album, 2011 (Iceland), 2012 (USA)
Mountain Sound - the second single, 2012

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