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Data: 15 Październik 2011
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Indiani - Platimun Collection (2004) mp3 | 320 kbps

Indiani - Platimun Collection (2004)
Native American, World music | mp3 | 320 kbps | 3CD | 489 MB

1.patsy cassadore / good bye, i'm leaving
2.yaqui ritual and festive music / pascola dence: cama guiloham (squash dance)
3.traditional apache song / apache creation song
4.kicking woman singers / chicken dance
5.northen cree singers / in honor of the eagle feather
6.siksia rambles / chicken song (traditional siksika pow won song)
7.traditional lakota song / song of the dancers - porcupine singers of warm springs / flaming arrow song of warm springs / butterfly dance song
10.traditional tahono o'odham papago song / first chelkona song
11.peyote song of the native amarican church / four peyote songs
12.pueblo indian song from san juan / summer buffalo dance
13.pueblo indian song from san juan / butterfly dance
14.the song of the indian / fast cheyenne war dance
15.the great plains / arikara war dance: bloody knife's song
16.siux favorites / chief's honor song
17.zuni songs / buffalo dance song
18.pow wow song / spokane stick game song
19.northern cree singers / victory song of the caddo / four turkey once song
21.jay begaye / soldier boys
22.hovia edwards / okanogan round dance

23.sacred spirit / ly-o-lay-ale loya
24.sacred spirit / yeha noha
25.robbie robertson & the red road ensamble / mahk jchi
26.robbie robertson / sacrifice
27.brule / sacrifice
28.sacred spirit / yo-hey-o-hee
29.tom bee of xit / reservation cowboy (riding song)
30.joanne shenadoah / tekantsyaslitha
31.brule / faded glory
32.robbie robertson & the red road ensamble / akua tuta
33.sacred spirit / dawa
34.cornel pewewardy / spirit journey
35.robbie robertson & the red road ensamble / skinwalker
36.robert tree cody, rob wallance, william clipman / white buffalo
37.robbie roberstson / stomp dance

38.sacred spirit / yane-haja-hee
39.mary youngblood / feed the fire
40.chester knight / love fades away
41.sacred spirit / the state oh grace
42.mary youngblood / long long road
43.shadowyze / ancestral spirit
44.native roots / tribute
45.natay / a tear in mama'z eye
46.rain song / on eagle's wings
47.tom bee / birth
48.rose moore / o spirit tree
49.chester kinght / bingo baby
50.mishi donovan / mahe'kun waits for me
51.sacred spirit / looking far north
52.tiger tiger / dog legs
53.derek miller / someone call an angel down
54.r. carlos nakai & cayon symphony / fourth world
55.lawrence laughing / i wish you peace

Indiani - Platimun Collection (2004) mp3 | 320 kbps

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