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Data: 9 Październik 2011
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Joseph Haydn - The Paris Symphonies [3CD] (2005) APE

Joseph Haydn - The Paris Symphonies [3CD] (2005)
Classic | 3CD | APE(image) + CUE + LOG | Covers Scans | 925 MB

CD1 : J. Haydn: Paris Symphonies : N.Harnoncourt, Concentus musicus Wien
01. Symph. No.82 in C major [L'Ours] - I. Vivace assai [0:12:06.22]
02. II. Allegretto [0:07:45.53]
03. III. Menuet-Trio [0:04:52.71]
04. IV. Finale (Vivace) [0:08:11.18]
05. Symph. No.83 in G minor [La Poule] - Allegro spiritoso [0:10:44.47]
06. II. Andante [0:11:00.68]
07. III. Menuetto (Allegretto)-Trio [0:03:53.47]
08. IV. Finale (Vivace) [0:05:41.44]
Joseph Haydn - The Paris Symphonies [3CD] (2005) APE

CD2 : J. Haydn: Paris Symphonies : N.Harnoncourt, Concentus musicus Wien
01. Symph. No.84 in E-flat major - I. Largo-Allegro [0:12:44.71]
02. II. Andante [0:06:32.15]
03. III. Menuet (Allegretto)-Trio [0:03:50.18]
04. IV. Finale (Vivace) [0:09:23.25]
05. Symph. No.85 in B-flat major [La Reine] - I. Adagio-Vivace [0:12:47.31]
06. II. Romance (Allegretto) [0:06:46.68]
07. III. Menuet (Allegretto)-Trio [0:04:31.66]
08. IV. Finale (Presto) [0:03:11.27
Joseph Haydn - The Paris Symphonies [3CD] (2005) APE

CD3 : J. Haydn: Paris Symphonies : N.Harnoncourt, Concentus musicus Wien
01. Symph. No.86 in D major - I. Adagio-Allegro spiritoso [0:12:35.31]
02. II. Capriccio (Largo) [0:06:46.71]
03. III. Menuet (Allegretto)-Trio [0:05:39.56]
04. Finale (Allegro con spirito) [0:06:35.63]
05. Symph. No.87 in A major - I. Vivace [0:11:16.52]
06. II. Adagio [0:07:18.01]
07. III. Menuet-Trio [0:04:55.50]
08. IV. Finale (Vivace) [0:06:30.38]
Joseph Haydn - The Paris Symphonies [3CD] (2005) APE

Review: Gramophon magazine An absolute joy: Haydn the musical innovator meets Harnoncourt the maverick pioneer of authentic expression, and by 'authentic' I mean a back-to-the-drawing-board preoccupation with how the music should really sound. What Harnoncourt and his Concentus Musicus achieve on period instruments simply would not be possible with a modern band - the gutsy, rough-cut strings at forte or beyond, the succulent mellowness of the period winds, the way accents bloom but never 'snap', the grainy warmth of the overall sonority. These are big symphones, commissioned - as Harnoncourt himself tells us in his reader-friendly commentaries - by the directors of the Concert de la Loge Olympique. Quality invention jumps out at you virtually by the bar but rather than adopt a 'blanket' Haydn style (as some choose to do) Harnoncourt treats each work as a world in itself. Take the earthy thrust of the Hen Symphony's opening, where Harnoncourt subtly accelerates the close of the opening motive before the fowl's prominent clucking sounds on a rich-sounding period oboe (from 1'22" on track 5, CD1). The Hen's Menuetto opens to vivid crescendi and some minuscule pregnant pauses whereas No 84's Menuetto sports carefully graded dynamics and a wittily accented Trio (try from 1'40" - track 3, CD2). There's the helter-skelter contredanse that closes La reine (No 85) and the music's many deeper perspectives, for example the entrancing account of No 86's mysterious Capriccio Largo where the tension is tellingly maintained. But why take three CDs for the 'Paris' set when most other conductors take just two? The reason, copious repeats - especially in the first movements, where Harnoncourt gives us both the first and second repeats, clocking up an average timing of around 12 minutes. A wise strategy, this, and one that serves to underline the music's structural ingenuity - I suspect that henceforth it will be difficult to hear this great music without those repeats intact. The recordings too are beautifully balanced thanks partially to fine engineering (Martin Sauer was producing) and partially to the sympathetic acoustic of Vienna's Konzerthaus, the Mozartsaal. As ever, Harnoncourt's Haydn is not short on minor quirks and surprises, but there's always musical meaning to the method - even to the occasional madness
Total playing-time : ( CD1 : 64,18 + CD2 : 59,50 + CD3 : 61,40) : 185,48.

Joseph Haydn - The Paris Symphonies [3CD] (2005) APE


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