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Data: 15 Czerwiec 2011
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VA - Made Of Metal 4 (2011).MP3

Artist: VA
Title: Made Of Metal 4
Date of Realise: 2011
Genre: Heavy Power Folk Viking Trash Metal
Total Tracks: 117
Format: MP3
Quality: 192kbps
Total Time: 08:40:00min
Size: 700 MB

001-4th Dimension-the sun in my life
002-Absolute Power-Standard Bearer
003-Acid Drinkers-ring of fire johnny cash cover
004-Adorned Brood-7 Tage lang
005-Alestorm-Midget Saw
006-Arktida-Stena Vremeni
007-Bloodbound-Drop The Bomb
008-Chronology-The Eye Of Time
009-Circle Of Silence-Twentyone Grams
010-Dreamtale-Where Eternal Jesters Reign
011-Falconer-Fru Silfver
012-Golden Resurrection-See My Commands
013-HammerFall-Let's Get In On
014-Katana-Rebel Ride
015-Mean Streak-sign in the sky
016-Persuader-Sending You Back
017-TYR-Fields of The Fallen
018-StormWarrior-Bloode To Bloode
019-Tersivel-cosa nostra
020-Thaurorod-Upon Haunted Battlefields
021-Twisted Tower Die-Torture Torture
022-Solar Fragment-Once Again
023-Wisdom-Live Forevermore
025-Austrian Death Machine-I Turned Into A Martian
026-Borealis-Finest hour
027-Ceti-Land Of Hope
028-Divinefire-Masters & Slaves
029-Dreamtale-Strangers' Ode
030-Elvenpath-Into The Future
031-Enbound-Under A Spell
032-Grave Digger-highland farewell (instrumental version)
033-Guardians Of Time-I, Sinner
035-Katana-Livin' Without Fear
036-Mean Streak-in for the kill
037-Night Mistress-Escape
038-Persuader-Heart And Steel
040-Steel Panther-asian hooker
041-Tengwar-War Begins
042-Tersivel-tarantella siciliana
043-Thaurorod-Tales Of The End
044-Twisted Tower Die-The Only Way
045-Windrow-Never Cry
047-Within Temptation-A Demon’s Fate
048-Wolf-Vicious Companions
049-Zeno Morf-Suburban warrior
050-4th Dimension-sworn to the flame
051-Absolute Power-Faster Than The Speed Of Evil
052-Acid Drinkers-new york new york frank sinatra cover
053-Adorned Brood-Death In Disguise
056-Arktida-Orlinoe Serdce (Stratovarius cover)
057-Bloodbound-Together We Fight
058-Chronology-Father Godthart
059-Circle Of Silence-The End
060-Dreamtale-Fly Away
062-Fangorn-trolls strong beer
063-Golden Resurrection-Golden Flames
064-Solar Fragment-Inside The Circle
065-StormWarrior-Heathen Warrior
066-Suidacra-When Eternity Echoes
067-Tersivel-pagan nation
068-TYR-Shadow of The Swastika
069-Austrian Death Machine-Iron Fist
070-Battle Beast-victory
072-Divinefire-The Worlds On Fire
074-Elvenpath-Guardians Of The Underground
075-Enbound-Beat It
076-GammaRay-Hold your ground
077-Guardians Of Time-Dreamworld Messiah
078-HammerFall-666 - The Enemy Within
079-Katana-Heart Of Tokyo
080-Mean Streak-history of lies
081-Night Mistress-Children Of Fire
082-Persuader-Fire At Will
083-Rampart-under control
084-Steel Panther-death to all but metal
085-Tengwar-Dwarf Sings In The Dark
086-Tersivel-cruzat beer house song
087-Thaurorod-Guide For The Blind
088-Twisted Tower Die-Mystera
089-Under Silence-Wrath And Sorrow
091-Wisdom-At the Gates
092-Wizards-Shade of a Ghost
093-Wolf-Skull Crusher
094-Zeno Morf-System of arrogance
095-4th Dimension-labyrinth of glass
096-Absolute Power-Absolute Power
097-Acid Drinkers-hit the road jack ray charles cover
098-Adorned Brood-In Battle
099-Alestorm-The Sunk'n Norwegian
100-Arktida-Aktivnaya Linia
101-Bloodbound-Reflections Of Evil
102-Chronology-17 february 1773
103-Circle Of Silence-Take Your Life
104-Dreamtale-Each Time I Die
105-Falconer-Rosornas Grav
106-Golden Resurrection-God's Grand Hotel
108-Katana-Blade Of Katana
109-Mean Streak-declaration of war
110-Persuader-As You Wish
111-TYR-The Lay of Thrym
112-StormWarrior-The Ride Of Asgard
113-Tersivel-high germany erins jig
114-Thaurorod-Cursed In The Past
115-Twisted Tower Die-Beyond The Gate
116-Solar Fragment-In Our Hands
117-Wisdom-Age of Lies

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