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Autor: yin-yang
Data: 14 Maj 2011
Kategoria: MUZYKA » Albumy

Emmanuel Witzthum - Strings [2CD] (2011)

Emmanuel Witzthum - Strings [2CD] (2011)
Ambient | MP3 | VBR kbps | 4 tracks | MB

01.For Strings V.1 04:20
02.With Strings V.1 25:52

01.For Strings V.2 08:12
02.With Strings V.2 26:06
64:30 min
From Boomkat:

A sumptuous double disc missive from
Cotton Goods' Lending Library. We should
really let Emmanuel explain this one
"String trio was composed as a set of
variations to the song "Mama Yo No Tengo
Visto" which is a 16th century Jewish
ladino melody. In Hebrew the song is
called "calmness". In writing the work I
deconstructed the song by separating the
tones of the melody and what the melody
was "meant" to convey metaphorically
With the tones I created a series of
horizontal and vertical alternate
melodies and sets which relate to one
another in fields, with the
"metaphorical" meaning I attempted to
express a process of calming down." So
You have it, a deeply soothing hour of
pure, glacial strings performed in two
settings, 1st at the Manhattan School Of
Music, NYC, 13.2.1999 by Witzhum on
viola accompanied by Shmulik Katz
(violin) and Hagit Glazer (cello), and a
2nd re-worked by Whisperer and performed
at The Lab, center for performing arts
Jerusalem 19.11.2009 by Ensemble Musica
Nova - Lili Henli (violin), Daniel
Tanchelson (viola), and Dan Weinstein
(cello), plus a re-working by e+i. The
release is intended as a blueprint, an
invitation to share and communicate
hence the score is available to download
on the Cotton Good website

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