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Data: 22 Kwiecień 2011
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Aradhna - Namaste Sate (2011)

Aradhna - Namaste Sate (2011)
New Age, World Fusion | 1CD | FLAC(tracks) + CUE + LOG | Covers Front | 325 Mb

It is impossible to listen to Aradhna without a sense that something much deeper is brooding under the music. Spirituality is such an easy term to throw around when speaking about a thing you can’t explain but nonetheless feel. It’s a term that breeds ambiguity and at times, misunderstanding. Nonetheless it is a word that is necessary in describing the formation and subsequent work of Aradhna. After all, the name of the band is the spiritually charged Hindi term that means “adoration.” Popular music is often made to settle into the nooks and crannies of our daily humdrum, like an elixir against the pain of human existence. We drink it in and feel a bit better but we don’t expect it to change anything beyond our emotional state. Aradhna is a band with higher aspirations, making music that is centered around spiritual enlightenment and transformation while keeping ethnic integrity intact.

01. Mukteshwar (5:23)
02. Holy River (5:03)
03. Yeshu Bhajan (4:26)
04. Namaste Sate (5:34)
05. Suralata (3:27)
06. Asato Ma (4:00)
07. Chosen (4:25)
08. Yeshu Muktinath (5:34)
09. Yapudhe (5:27)
10. Herana (4:24)
11. Apane Logo (4:20)

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