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Data: 6 Kwiecień 2011
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Zen Relaxation Series (2008)

Zen Relaxation Series (2008)

Genre: New Age, Relax | 44 tracks |FLAC lossless |1.46 GB


CD1 - Energy Rejuvenation
1. Meet the Sky
2. Chasing
3. Leaving Taipei on a Trip
4. Swimming Joyfully with Whales and Dolphins
5. Song of Night Owl
6. Winter Dance from the Great Cormorant
7. The Nearest Heaven
8. Dancing Butterflies
9. Green Green Plain
10. Good Day
11. Cats
12. Spring Water

CD2 - Embracing the Love Within
1. The Dance of Cherry Blossoms
2. The Flowers of Man
3. On the Pictorial Floor
4. The Rain of Shooting Stars
5. Wings of Dream
6. The Winter Sun
7. Echoing Stone
8. Dancing Flowers
9. The Slope of Green Grass
10. Afternoon Walk
11. Song in the Legend
12. The Sea of the Seven Stars

CD3 - Healing for the Wounded Soul
1. Moonlight frontier
2. Mimi
3. Circle of Love
4. Corners of the City
5. Wings of Silence
6. Dove Dance
7. Keep You Accompanied
8. In the Dream
9. Leisure Time
10. Waiting for the Dawn
11. First Blossoming
12. River of Light

CD4 - Zen Harmony
1. Preparatory
2. Gathering Qi
3. The Gate to Life
4. Moving Like a Cloud
5. Fragrance Drifting
6. Flowing into the Sea

CD5 - Tranquil Dreams
1. Earth Element SPA
2. Water Element SPA


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