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Data: 26 Marzec 2011
Kategoria: MUZYKA » Albumy

Love Flashback (2008) (17CD Collection)

Love Flashback (2008) (17CD Collection)
Genre: Pop, Romance | 17CDs | Release: 2008 | MP3 320 kbps | 2.46 GB

Love Flashback vol 01

01. Somewhere in the World Boney M
02. You?re The Inspiration Chicago
03. When I need You Albert Hammond
04. Los Angeles Morten Harcket
05. Meet Me Half Way Kenny Loggins
06. Sentimental Lady Bob Welch
07. Always Somewhere Scorpions
08. Surrender to me Robin Zander and Ann?Wilson
09. People Get Ready Jeff Beck
10.Sea of Love Honey Drippers
11.Emotion In Emotion Rick Ocasek
12.Knocking on Heavens Door Heaven
13.I Don?t Want to go on Without You Nazareth
14.Hurt to be in Love Ginno Vanelli
15.Here She Comes Bonnie Tyler
16.Meet You At the Wrong Time Of My Life Kim Carnes
17.Rough Boy ZZ Top
18.Carrie Europe

Love Flashback vol 02
01. Blue Light My Eyes Pussycat
02. You Weren t In Love Mick Fleetwood
03. Into The Night Benny Mardones
04. I M Down The Hollies
05. Komm Dock Heim Genghis Khan
06. Over You Lane Brody
07. Last Dance Anne Andersen
08. Don t Look Back The Korgis
09. Give The Good News Crocodile Harris
10. You Re To Far Away David Castle
11. I Will Chris De Burgh
12. I Bellieve In Love Nikka Costa
13. Gonne With The Winner Century
14. My Crew Rita Coolidge
15. Graffiti The Paris Group
16. Shed My Love Nancy Lee
17. Simply Jessie Rex Smith
18. Sad Songs Alessi
19. So Sad Cheryl Dilcker
20. Emotion Samantha Sang

Love Flashback vol 03
01. You Silvering
02. I Need Your Love Dollar
03. Toast And Marmelade For Tea Tin Tin
04. You And Me Alice Cooper
05. I And Ou Of Love Robin Gibb
06. Lonely Hobo Lullabye The Hollies
07. You Take My Breath Away Rex Smith
08. All Through The Night K.C. And Sunshine Band
09. Gonna Make You Can t Refuge Jimmy Helms
10. Fille Du Vent Pierre Groscollas
11. When The Children Cry White Lion
12. A Strange Kind Of Love Peter Murphy
13. No One Has To Cry The Fixx
14. Back On The Road Joe Egan
15. Three Times In Love Tommy Jones
16. El Diablo Grace Slick
17. Mississipi Pussycat

Love flashback vol 04

01. Down To Zero
02. Forever By Your Side
03. Gorgie
04. We Can Last Forever
05. Blue Moon
06. Give Me Your Heart Tonight
07. Give Me Time
08. Is This The End
09. On My On
10. Paradise
11. Remember I Love You
12. Rush Rush
13. Self Pity
14. This Time I Ll Be Sweeter
15. We Do It
16. The End
17. Is It Ok If I Call You Mine

Love Flashback vol 05
01. On My Own Nikka Costa
02. Yes Tim Moore
03. Knife Rockwell
04. Happy Man Chicago
05. Cry Softly ( Times Is Mourning ) Secret Service
06. Wildflower Bee Gees
07. Writing On The Wall The Hollies
08. Nothing?s Gonna Change My Love For You Glenn Med
09. It Might Be You Stephen Bishop
10. No More Bolero Gerald Joling
11. Sleeping Away Max Merrit And The Meteors
12. Earth Angel New Edition
13. Like A Fool Robin Gibb
14. Steady Jules Shear
15. More Than Words Can Say Alias
16. Reality Richard Snaderson
17. Abbracci Marcella Bella

Love Flashback vol 06
01. Just Can?t To You Toto
02. I Just Fall In LCove Again Anne Murray
03. Melinda More Or Less Curved Air
04. Shadow Of The Moon Blackmore?s Night
05. Acroos The River Willie Nile
06. The Second Element Sarah Brightman
07. Cotton, Lloyd And Christian Mr. Rock NRoll
08. I Never Cry Alice Cooper
09. Lucy The Hollies
10. I Don?t Belive In Miracle America
11. Sittin On The Dock Of The Bay The Drifters
12. Don?t Fall In Love With Me Bee Gees
13. Everybody?s Go To Learn Sometomes The Korgis
14. Symphony Blue Kate Bush
15. Hey There Mr.Lonely Heart John Denver
16. Loosing You And Needing You Nancy Lee
17. I And Up Loosing Joe Macdonald
18. In A Broken Dream Rod Stewart

Love Flashback vol 07
01. Subcity Tracy Chapman
02. The Big Parade 10.000 Maniacs
03. Cambodia Kim Wilde
04. How Long Lipps Inc.
05. The Model kraftwerk
06. Let There Be Peace Donna Summer
07. If I Had You The Korgis
08. Soldiers Bee Gees
09. Write On The Hollies
10. Ain?t Too Good Rory Gallagher
11. Warm Ride Rare Earth
12. Gyspy Fleetwood Mac
13. Crossing A River Secret Service
14. Think Aboit The Times Ten Years After
15. Rise Up Alessi & Christopher Cross
16. Marie Jolie Aphrodite?s Child
17. One Morning In May James Taylor

Love Flashback vol 08
01. Wicked Game Chris Isaak
02. What?s A Woman Vaya Com Dios
03. One More Try Timmy T .
04. Foreign Affair Maggie Reyli & Mike Oldfield
05. Fells Like Heaven Fiction Factory
06. Wouldn?t It Be Good Nik Kershaw
07. It Started With A Kiss Hot Chocolate
08. More Than I Can Say Leo Sayer
09. Who Where You With In The Moonlight -Dollar
10. Piano Man Billy Joel
11. Strange Phenomena Kate Bush
12. All The Love In The Word The Korgis
13. You Needed Me Anne Murray
14. Sho wMe Heaven Maria Mckee
15. The Woman In Me Donna Summer
16. The Guitar Don?t Lie Joe Deassin
17. jane Century

Love Flashback vol 09

01. Seal It Forever Sandra
02. There* ll Be Sad Songs ( To Make You Cry) Billy
03. Mirrors Sally Oldfield
04. Special Way Kool & The Gang
05. Don?t Let It Get You Down Glenn Medeiros
06. Comme Una Melodie Richard Anthony
07. Gaye CliffT. Ward
08. I?m Gonna Get Married Lou Christie
09. The Best Is Yet To Come Samantha Fox
10. Carousel Phil Trainer
11. Garbo Stevie Nicks
12. I Don?t Like To Sleep Alone Paul Anka
13. Hearts Marty Balin
14. Gone With The Wind Robin Gibb
15. No Conversation View From The Hill
16. Dont Let It Get You Down Modern Talking

Love Flashback vol 10
01. Drive The Cars
02. All Comes Back To You Tina Charles
03. Total Eclipse Of The Heart Bonnie Tyler
04. When You?re Gone Maggie Macneal
05. Forever Alessi
06. Victor Should Have Been A Jazz Musician Grace Jo
07. How You Gonna See Me Now Alice Cooper
08. Music F.R David
09. In Your Eyes George Benson
10. Goodnight My Love Mike Pinera
11. Deborah Jon And Vangelis
12. Especially For You Kylie Minogue & Jason Donavan
13. We Can?t Hide It Anymore Larry Santos
14. The Words To Say I Love You Edwards Reekes
15. Baby Lies The Sixties
16. I?m Rabel View From The Hill

Love Flashback vol 11
01. Whatever Happened To Old Fashioned Love-B.J.Thomas
02. Talking Out Of Return The Mooby Blues
03. Living Eyes Bee Gees
04. God?s Country Kool & The Gang
05. (I Wanna Take) Forever Tonight Peter Cetera
06. You?re Lost That Lovers Bill Medley
07. Torn Between Two Lovers Mary MacGregor
08. The Morning After Maureen MacGovern
09. My Eyes Adored You Frankie Valli & Four Seasons
10. I Miss You Klimaz
11. When I Think You Leif Garret
12. Hold Me Til The Morning Comes Paul Anka
13. Honesty Billy Joel
14. Brivido Mersia
15. Mamina Pescal Danel
16. Come Back To Me Leslie,Kelly & John Ford Coley

Love Flashback vol 12
01. So You Are A Star Hudson Brothers
02. Lotta Love Nicolette Larson
03. Someday We?ll Be Togerther Santa Fe
04. Set The Night Music Starship
05. My Love Lionel Richie
06. Wish You Were Here Fleetwood Mac
07. Lean On You Cliff Richard
08. 7475- The Connells
09. It?s Over Now Bernie Adam
10. Don?t Awake Away From Love Gregory Gray
11. Piano Piano M?Innamorai Di Te Collage
12. I Surrender F.R.David
13. Carmen Anything Box
14. Got A Hold On Me Christine McVie
15. Key Largo Bertie Higgins

Love Flashback vol 13
01. When I?m With You Sheriff
02. My Love Little Texas
03. I Love You Climax Blues Band
04. Stop To Start Blue Magic
05. Nobody Loves Me Like You Do Anne Murray
06. (Baby, Baby) Fallin* In Love Hamilton,Joe Frank/
07. I Need You Maurice White
08. Only Words Ivana Spagna
09. Suddenly Soraya
10. You Are My Lady Freddie Jackson
11. Survive Jimmy Buffett
12. Far Longer Than Forever Regina Belle & J.Osborne
13. Sad Eyes Robert John
14. Stay The Night Benjamin Orr

Love Flashback vol 14
01. Smile Novecento
02. It?s Up To You Geiser
03. With You I?m Born Again Billy Preston & Syreeta
04. On The Wings Of Love Jeffery Osborne
05. Through The Eyes Of Love Melissa Manchester
06. Do You Love Me Sharif Dean
07. Angel Of The Morning Merrilee Rush & Chip Taylor
08. First Love Nikka Costa
09. Sometimes Love Just Ain?t Enough Patty Smyth
10. Love Can Take Us All The Way Jack Wagner
11. Con Il Tuo Nome Ivana Spagna
12. Face In The Mirror Glen Burtnik
13. My Discarded Men Eartha Kitt
14. Eres Tu (Touch The Wind) Mocedades
15. Philosopher Yellowstone And Voice

Love Flashback vol 15
01. Don?t Let Me Down The Hollies
02. Diguidigit Up French Connection
03. Give a Little Love for Love Stylistics
04. Take Me Now David Gates
05. Wildfire Michael Martin Murphy
06. Angelica & Ramone Secret Service
07. Sorry the Sixties
08. Can?t You Feel My Love Matthew Fisher
09. More Than Just the Two of Us Sneaker
10. You Know My Dreams Ruser
11. There?s No More Corn on the Brasos the Walkers
12. If You Need Me After All
13. That?s Why I Love Johnny Casbah
14. A Little Peace Nicole Flieg

Love Flashback vol 16
01. He Ain?T Heavy, He?s My Brother Bill Medley
02. It?s a Heartache Bonnie Tyler
03. In This Country Robin Zander
04. If You Leave Me Now Chicagoo
05. Do That to Me One More Time Captain & Tennille
06. All I Need Is You Big Trouble
07. Saving Forever You Shanice
08. Shannon Henry Gross
10. Stumblin* in Suzi Quatro
11. Save Your Love Renee & Renato
12. Non Sono una Signora Loredana Berte
13. The Way Your Are Secret Service & Agnetha Faltsk
14. All Through the Night (Let Me Be the One) Kokomo
15. Please Be the One Karla Bonoff
16. Denise Chyp-Notic Denise Chyp-Notic
17. Magic Olivia Newton-John

Love Flashback vol 17
01. The Hollies The Air That I Breathe
02. Kim Carnes You Are Everything
03. Chicago Hard To Say Im Sorry
04. Rita Coolidge All Time High
05. Laura Branigan Never In A Million Years
06. DeBarge Whos Holding Donna Now
07. Albert Hammond It Never Rains In Southern California
08. The Sutherkand Brothers The Arms Of Mary
09. Suzi Quatro If You Cant Give Me Love
10. Pussycat Say One Word
11. Juice Newton Queen Of Hearts
12. F.R. David Porcelian Eyes
13. Cliff Richard We Dont Talk Anymore
14. Bernie Paul Lucky
15. Dan Hill Sometimes When We Touch
16. Patsy Cline Crazy

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