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Bob Marley - Songs of Freedom (1999) (4CD Box set)

Bob Marley - Songs of Freedom (1999) (4CD Box set)
Audio CD (November 16, 1999) | Number of Discs: 4 | Mp3 320 kbps | 712 MB
Genre:Reggae | Format: Box set | Label: Island

When Songs of Freedom was released originally in 1992, it was a perfect complement to either a greatest hits collection like Legend or the entire collection of the reggae master's albums. Songs boasts enough of the recognizable from Marley's canon to address the hit seeker, but the set also reaches way, way back to include Marley's first single, the youthful "Judge Not" from 1962, and then closes more than four hours later with a 1980 live take of "Redemption Song" from his last concert. In between are live takes, studio remixes, and, of course, standard looks at Marley standards, playing together as a perfect balance between the familiar and the new. The flow of famous takes increases into CDs 3 and 4, where "No Woman, No Cry" appears from a 1976 set at the Roxy and where "Jammin'" and "Exodus" come in mixes that were new to fans in 1992. Of course these four CDs show in wide-angle view exactly how fantastic and commercially improbable Marley was. He was able to popularize tunes about both the repression of African nations and their liberation while also bringing to rock audiences an undeniably Jamaican music, breaking the U.S. and British geographic strongholds on the 1970s pop and rock marketplace. Never mind that he made Island Records' first fortune, he also created a body of work so lasting that a four-CD set heavy on alternate versions can stand out in any contemporary music collection. For the 1999 reissue of the original 1992 box set, no new music has been added. The format has changed, though, from a long-box presentation to a cube containing individual slipcased CDs. It's still a remarkable gem. --Andrew Bartlett

CD 1
1. Judge Not (2:26)
2. One Cup of Coffee (2:34)
3. Simmer Down (2:50)
4. I'm Still Waiting (3:06)
5. One Love/People Get Ready (original) (3:21)
6. Put It On (3:08)
7. Bus Dem Shut (Pyaka) (2:47)
8. Mellow Mood (original) (3:31)
9. Bend Down Low (2:30)
10. Hypocrites (2:35)
11. Stir It Up (original) (3:12)
12. Nice Time (2:45)
13. Thank You Lord (original) (3:40)
14. Hammer (2:56)
15. Caution (2:44)
16. Back Out (2:18)
17. Soul Shake Down Party (3:05)
18. Do It Twice (2:48)
19. Soul Rebel (3:18)
20. Sun Is Shining (2:11)
21. Don't Rock The Boat (4:31)
22. Small Axe (3:56)
23. Duppy Conqueror (3:39)
24. Mr. Brown (3:32)

CD 2
1. Screwface (2:23)
2. Lick Samba (2:33)
3. Trenchtown Rock (alternate mix) (3:28)
4. Craven Choke Puppy (2:52)
5. Guava Jelly (2:17)
6. Acoustic Medley (12:09)
7. I'm Hurting Inside (Alternate Mix) (3:28)
8. High Tide Or Low Tide (4:09)
9. Slave Driver (2:51)
10. No More Trouble (3:59)
11. Concrete Jungle (4:10)
12. Get Up Stand Up (3:14)
13. Rastaman Chant (3:50)
14. Burnin' And Lootin' (4:13)
15. Iron Lion Zion (2:55)
16. Lively Up Yourself (5:10)
17. Natty Dread (3:34)
18. I shot the sheriff (live) (5:26)

CD 3
1. No Woman No Cry (Live At The Roxy) (5:22)
2. Who The Cap Fit (4:42)
3. Jah Live (4:15)
4. Crazy Baldheads (3:10)
5. War (3:36)
6. Johnny Was (3:46)
7. Rat Race (2:49)
8. Jammin' (12* Mix) (5:45)
9. Waiting In Vain (Advert Mix) (3:59)
10. Exodus (12* Mix) (7:24)
11. Natural Mystic (3:28)
12. Three Little Birds (Alternate Mix) (2:56)
13. Running Away (4:14)
14. Keep On Moving (London Version) (5:44)
15. Easy Skanking (2:56)
16. Is This Love (Horns Mix) (4:00)
17. Smile Jamaica (3:13)
18. Time Will Tell (3:30)

CD 4
1. Africa Unite (2:54)
2. Survival (3:52)
3. One Drop (3:51)
4. One Dub (3:53)
5. Zimbabwe (3:47)
6. So Much Trouble in the World (3:57)
7. Ride Natty Ride (12* mix) (6:22)
8. Babylon System (4:18)
9. Coming in From the Cold (12* mix) (6:04)
10. Real Situation (3:08)
11. Bad Card (2:48)
12. Could You Be Loved (12* mix) (5:26)
13. Forever Loving Jah (3:51)
14. Rastaman Live Up (5:21)
15. Give Thanks and Praise (3:14)
16. One Love / People Get Ready (12* mix) (7:08)
17. Why Should I (3:33)
18. Redemption Song (Live in Pittsburgh) (4:08)

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