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Data: 24 Marzec 2011
Kategoria: MUZYKA » Albumy

VA - Apple Records Box Set - Volume Two (15-CD set) (2010)

VA - Apple Records Box Set - Volume Two (15-CD set) (2010)
Genre: Rock,Pop | 15 CDs | MP3 320 kbps | 2.7 GB

Beatles aficionados, Apple aficionados, this could very well be the set that you have been waiting for. What this is basically is exactly what the name implies. The 15 CDs contained herein include just about every LP + single track (and mix) that was not included on the official box (or the Apple Records Extra Expanded Edition set that I had made about six weeks ago. All the albums have been included in top-notch quality (taken from CD sources wherever possible), and the singles contain many significant upgrades in terms of quality over sources such as the Complete Apple Singles collection. Again, CD sources have been used wherever available. Alternate mixes were used as well. Many 45 mixes that were not even included on the Singles collection have been used here. The 15th CD is a bonus disc of sorts, in that it contains many singles by artists who did not release a full-length LP with Apple. To that degree, I feel it works as an excellent companion to the official Come And Get It collection. I have been listening to this disc pretty much non-stop for the past few weeks now, and enjoying every minute of it. This was worked on until the very last minute, by the way. I received the 45 for "Everything's All Right" by Billy Preston in the mail on the 21st and, two days latere, discovered that "Do You Mind" by Badfinger had a different version on the original, 1996 CD of 'Ass', necessitating that track's inclusion here. This worked out great, as I feel it makes a terrific closing track to the set. As for the albums themselves, I have included a generous amount of bonus tracks to keep things interesting. With the four Yoko Ono albums (spread out over six CDs due to the original LPs length), all the alternate remixes and edits that were to be found on Onobox have been used as bonus tracks here. Likewise, a number of Apple related demos + unreleased tracks have been collected as an addendum to the Van Eaton LP (as that LP was fairly short and needed some bolstering). I have made attempts to utilize original artwork layouts for the CDs, preserving the integrity of the LP cover art (as opposed to later CD reissues), including label scans. All I can say is that I tried my best and worked very hard on this collection. For those who have been waiting for this, I hope youll find that the wait was worthwhile.
There are a number of people I would like to thank in helping me to put this together. They have provided me with several significant audio upgrades that helped make this project one step ahead of all the others. ghosthost helped with lots of cool stuff, such as the digital download to Raga soundtrack, a lot of CD sources for rare stuff like the Brute Force + Hot Chocolate Band tracks, and even an upgrade to the Frank Sinatra cut. Ive also received a nice upgrade of Laugh by John & Yoko from a different person, but cannot recall just who that was (sorry). The fact that PMs are automatically deleted after a set time does not help matters either.
I would like to thank Mike at Colony Music (in NYC) for letting me borrow near mint copies of both 45s by Trash. I was so excited to have these, I had uploaded the tracks as a separate advance CD single. Well, the Trash tracks are now a part of Disc 15 (Apple Rarities). I wish I would be able to thank Mike at Colony for loaning me his Mint Walls Ice Cream EP, but unfortunately, he was NOT about to let that one go
It goes without saying (but Ill say it anyway): Thank you so very much to John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr, without whom
Well, I have promised this for a long time, so now here it is without further ado. Im sorry for not getting it up in time for Christmas, but itll be worth it BELIEVE me! If you already have the official Apple box and my 2-CD Expanded version of the Apple Records Extra compilation and then get THIS, youll have every non-Beatle track that was ever released on Apple!

1. 1963 - The Beatles Christmas Record
2. 1964 - Another Beatles Christmas Record
3. 1965 - The Beatles Third Christmas Record
4. 1966 - Pantomime: Everywhere Its Christmas
5. 1967 - Christmas Time Is Here Again!
6. 1968 - The Beatles 1968 Christmas Record
7. 1969 - The Beatles Seventh Christmas Record
8. White Christmas
9. Frosty The Snowman
10. The Bells Of St. Marys
11. Santa Claus Is Coming To Town
12. Sleigh Ride
13. Marshmallow World
14. I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus
15. Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer
16. Winter Wonderland
17. Parade Of The Wooden Soldiers
18. Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)
19. Here Comes Santa Claus
20. Silent Night

1. Liberation Special
2. Baddest Of The Mean
3. Cryin Blacksheep Blues
4. ChuckN Bo
5. Gypsy Wolf
6. Madness
7. Life
8. Wind Ridge
9. Power Boogie
10. Local Plastic Ono Band
*11. Liberation Special (45 Version)
*12. Madness (45 version)
*13. Power Boogie (from 45)
*14. Local Plastic Ono Band (from Japanese 45)

1. See-Saw Granpa
2. Beautiful And Blue
3. Dear Angie
4. Think About The Good Times
5. Yesterday Aint Coming Back
6. Fisherman
7. Maybe Tomorrow
8. Sali Bloo
9. Angelique
10. Im In Love
11. Theyre Knocking Down Our Home
12. Ive Been Waiting
*13. No Escaping Your Love (from 1992 CD reissue)
*14. Mrs. Jones (from 1992 CD reissue)
*15. And Her Daddys A Millionaire (from 1992 CD reissue)
*16. Looking For My Baby
*17. Come And Get It (Demo)
*18. Rock Of All Ages (45 mix)
*19. Take Good Care Of My Baby
*20. She Came Out Of The Cold
*21. Clown Of The Party
*22. No Escaping Your Love (Demo)
*23. Maybe Tomorrow (Early Version)
*24. Flying (45 edit)
*25. Hey Mr. Manager
*26. I Believe In Love
*27. Maybe Theres Another

1. Why
2. WhyNot
3. Greenfield Morning I Pushed An Empty Baby Carriage All Over The City
4. AOS
5. Touch Me
6. Paper Shoes
*7. Open Your Box (Alternate) (from 1997 CD reissue)
*8. Something More Abstract (from 1997 CD reissue)
*9. The South Wind (from 1997 CD reissue)
*10. No Bed For Beatle John (edit) (from Onobox)
*11. Rock Peace
*12. Laugh
*13. Paper Shoes (edit) (from Onobox)

Disc 5 YOKO ONO FLY (Disc One)
1. Midsummer New York
2. Mind Train
3. Mind Holes
4. Dont Worry Kyoko
5. Mrs. Lennon
6. Hirake (Open Your Box)
7. Toilet Piece/Unknown
8. OWind (Body Is The Scar Of Your Mind)
*9. Radio Peace Jingle
*10. Give Peace A Chance (Rehearsal)
*11. Greetings From Ascot
*12. Make Love To The End
*13, Midsummer New York (45 edit)
*14. Mind Train (45 edit)
*15. Open Your Box (Censored 45 edit)
*16. The Path (from Onobox)
*17. Dont Count The Waves (remix) (from Onobox)
*18 Head Play (from Onobox)
*19. Mind Train (edit) (from Onobox)
*20. Death Of Samantha (edit) (from Onobox)

Disc 6 YOKO ONO FLY (Disc Two)
1. Air Male (Tone Deaf Jam)
2. Dont Count The Waves
3. You
4. Fly
5. Telephone Piece
*6. Between The Takes (from 1997 CD reissue)
*7. Will You Touch Me (from 1997 CD reissue)
*8. Yang Yang (45 mix)
*9. What Did I Do! (remix) (from Onobox)
*10. Approximately Infinite Universe (remix) (from Onobox)
*11. What A Bastard the World Is (remix) (from Onobox)
*12. Catman (The Rosies Are Coming) (remix) (from Onobox)
*13. Peter The Dealer (remix) (from Onobox)

1, Yang Yang
2. Death Of Samantha
3. I Want My Love To Rest Tonight
4. What Did I Do!
5. Have You Seen A Horizon Lately
6. Approximately Infinite Universe
7. Peter The Dealer
8. Song For John
9. Catman (The Rosies Are Coming)
10. What A Bastard The World Is
11. Waiting For The Sunrise
*12. Winter Song (remix) (from Onobox)
*13. Kite Song (remix) (from Onobox)
*14. Now Or Never (45 edit)
*15. What A Mess (edit) (from Onobox)
*16. I Have A Woman Inside My Soul (remix) (from Onobox)
*17. Move On Fast (remix) (from Onobox)
*18. Waiting For The Sunrise (remix) (from Onobox)
*19. Death Of Samantha (45 edit)
*20. Were All Water (edit) (from Onobox)

1. I Felt Like Smashing My Face In A Clear Glass Window
2. Winter Song
3. Kite Song
4. What A Mess
5. Shirankatta (I Didnt Know)
6. Air Talk
7. I Have A Woman Inside My Soul
8. Move On Fast
9. Now Or Never
10. Is Winter Here To Stay?
11. Looking Over From My Hotel Window
*12. Dogtown (Demo) (from 1997 CD reissue)
*13. She Gets Down On Her Knees (Demo) (from 1997 CD reissue)
*14. Woman Of Salem (Demo) (from 1997 CD reissue)
*15. If Only (remix) (from Onobox)
*16. A Thousand Times Yes (remix) (from Onobox)
*17. Straight Talk (remix) (from Onobox)
*18. She Hits Back (remix) (from Onobox)
*19 Woman Power (Extended Remix) (from Onobox)
*20. Warrior Woman (from Onobox)
*21. Joseijoi Banzai (remix/edit) (from Onobox)

1. Growing Pain
2. Yellow Girl (Stand By For Life)
3. Coffin Car
4. Woman Of Salem
5. Run, Run, Run
6. If Only
7. A Thousand Times Yes
8. Straight Talk
9. Angry Young Woman
10. She Hits Back
11. Woman Power
12. Men, Men, Men
*13. I Learned To Stutter/Coffin Car (live) (from 1997 CD reissue)
*14. Mildred, Mildred (Demo) (from 1997 CD reissue)
*15. Its Been Very Hard (from Onobox)
*16. Mildred, Mildred (from Onobox)
*17. Left Turns The Right Turn (from Onobox)
*18. Yume O Moto (from Onobox)
*19. OOh (from Onobox)
*20. Namyohorengekyo (from Onobox)

1. Im A Runaway
2. Everybodys Smoking Marijuana
3. F Is Not A Dirty Word
4. The Hippie From New York City
5. McDonalds Farm
6. The Ballad Of New York City John Lennon Yoko Ono
7. The Ballad Of Bob Dylan
8. The Chicago Conspiracy
9. The Hip Generation
10. Im Gonna Start Another Riot
11. The Birth Control Blues
12. The Pope Smokes Dope
*13. John Lennon Talks About David Peel (from 2005 CD reissue)
*14. Amerika (from 2005 CD reissue)
*15. F Is Not A Dirty Word (Censored edit)
*16. The Ballad Of New York City John Lennon Yoko Ono (45 edit)
*17. Marijuana, Marijuana! (from 2008 CD reissue)
*18. I Do My Bawling In The Bathroom (from 2008 CD reissue)
*19. The Lower East Side (from 2008 CD reissue)
*20. Girls, Girls, Girls (from 2008 CD reissue)
*21. The Hippie From New York City (New Recording) (from 2008 CD reissue)
*22. God (Why Do We Have Wars?) (from 2005 CD reissue)

1. Raga Hem Bihag
2. Raga Manj Khamaj
*3. East Meets West (from Raga download)

1. Sindi Bhairavi
2. Dawn To Dusk
3. Vedic Hymns
4. Baba Teaching
5. Birth To Death
6. Vinus House
7. Gurur Bramha
8. United Nations
9. a)Raga Parameshwari
10. b)Rangeswhart
11. Banaras Ghat
12. Bombay Studio
13. Kinnara School
14. Frenzy And Distortion (oddly enough, this is NOT on the new download!!)
15. Raga Desh
*16. Joi Bangla
*17. Oh Bhaugowan
*18. Raga Mishra-Jhinjhoti

1. Warm Woman
2. Sun Song
3. More Than Words
4. Hear My Cry
5. Without The Lord
6. Sweet Music
7. Help Us All
8. Maybe Theres Another
9. Ring
10. Sunshine
11. Another Thought
*12. Song Of Songs
*13. Man Without A Heart (Demo) The Iveys
*14. Taxi (Demo) The Iveys
*15. Knocking Down Our Home (Demo) The Iveys
*16. Lady Is A Champ (But Beautiful) Frank Sinatra
*17. Mortimer Music Mortimer
*18. In The Midnight Hour Billy Preston
*19. So Far Doris Troy
*20. Take It All (Demo) Badfinger
*21. La De Day Ronnie Spector
*22. Blind Owl Badfinger
*23. Cowboy Nola York
*24. Purple Flowers Nola York
*25. Ringside (Demo) Badfinger
*26. The Spirit Of The Raga Ravi Shankar (from Raga download)
*27. What Is A Raga Ravi Shankar (from Raga download)
*28. The Seriousness Of It Ravi Shankar (from Raga download)

1. Games People Play (Joe South)
2. Cometogether (Arrival In Rome)
3. Love Is Blue
4. Fascinum
5. Monument To Love
6. Love Is Blue
7. Love Is Blue / I Can Sing A Rainbow (The Dells)
8. Cometogether
9. Love Is Blue
10. Bad Vibrations
11. Cometogether / Get Together
12. Entierro Del Primer Juguete (Burial Of The First Toy)
13. Bajo Tierra (Under The Earth)
14. La Catedral De Los Purecos (The Pigs Monastery)
15. Los Mendigos Sagrados (The Holy Beggars)
16. La Muerte Es Un Nacimiento (Death Is Birth)
17. Curios Mexicano (Mexican Curios)
18. El Agua Viva (Living Water)
19. Vals Fantasma
20. El Alma Nace En El Sangre (The Soul Is Born In The Blood)
21. Topo Triste
22. Los Lioses De Azucar (The Sugar Gods)
23. Las Flores Nacen En El Barro (Flowers Born In The Mud)
24. El Infierno De Los Angeles Prostitutos (The Hell Of The Prostituted Angels)
25. Marcha De Los Ojos En El Triangulos (March Of The Eyes In The Triangles)
26. La Miel Del Dolor (The Pain Of The Honey)
27. 300 Conejos (300 Rabbits)
28. Conocimiento A Traves De La Musica (Knowledge Through Music)
29. La Primera Flor Despues Del Diluvio (The First Flower After The Flood)

1. Too Many Cooks Mick Jagger & The Jim Keltner Orchestra
2. Tandoori Chicken Ronnie Spector
3. Im Going To Fall In Love Again Mary Hopkin
4. Supersoul Chris Hodge
5. Carolina In My Mind (Edit) James Taylor
6. Everythings All Right (Remix) Billy Preston
7. Living Without Tomorrow The Hot Chocolate Band
8. Illusions Trash
9. Yellow Submarine The Black Dyke Mills Band
10. Think About Your Children (45 Mix) Mary Hopkin
11. Contact Love - Chris Hodge
12. Road To Nowhere Trash
13. Valse De Soliel Coucher (Sundown Waltz) The Sundown Playboys
14. Somethings Wrong (edit) James Taylor
15. Nobody Knows Brute Force
16. Thats The Way God Planned It (mono promo edit) Billy Preston
17. Fields Of St. Etienne (45 version) Mary Hopkin
18. Goodbye Sweet Lorraine Chris Hodge
19. Trash Can Trash
20. Govinda (long version) The Radha Krsna Temple (London)
21. Joseijoi Banzai (Part One) Yoko Ono
22. Joseijoi Banzai (Part Two) Yoko Ono
23. Do You Mind (original version) Badfinger

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