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Data: 25 Luty 2011
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Instrumental Music: Best World's Hits vol. 1-4 (1997)

Instrumental Music: Best World's Hits vol. 1-4 (1997)
Year Of Release: 1997 | Quality: mp3 | Bitrate: 320 kbps | Total Size: 1.38 Gb
Label: Gold Collection | Genre: Instrumental, Classical



01.R.Clayderman - The Phantom Of The Opera
02.F.Goya - Romance De Amour
03.Ocarina - Moonlight Reaggae
04.E.Morricone - Chi Mai
05.H.Manciny - The Pink Panter
06.F.Papetti - Summertime
07.D.Brubeck - Take Five
08.P.Mauriat - Love is Blue
09.J.Last - Night In White Satin
10.C.Atkins - Jam Man
11.Exepion - Toccata
12.P.Mauriat - La Gazza Ladra
13.F.Goya - La Raggazia Di Blue
14.The Ventures - Walk, Don't Run
15.F.Papetti - I Just Called To Say I Love You
16.Saint Preux - Amours Meteores
17.D.Grusin - Fratelli Chase
18.J.Last - The Lonely Shephered
19.G.Moroder - Love Theme From 'Flash Dance'

01.R. Claydermann - La Cumparsita
02.P. Weekers - El Condor Pasa
03.P. Mauriat - Toccata
04.Santana - Moonflower
05.J.M. Jarre - Magnetic Fields
06.D. Marouani - Space Opera Part 3
07.The Ventures - Rap City
08.Ocarina - Song Of Ocarina
09.The Shadows - Man Of Mistery
10.C. Dulfer - Lilly Was Here
11.F. Papetti - Emanuelle
12.F. Duval - Ballade Pour Adeline
13.E. Simoni - Pop Corn
14.Vangelis - La Petite Fille De La Mer
15.F. Pourcell - Besame Mucho
16.Jethro Tull - Bouree
17.E. Morricone - Addio A Cheyene
18.R. Claydermann - Fur Elise
19.P. Mauriat - Badinerie
20.C. Atkins - Ave Maria


01.Paul Mauriat - Alouette
02.Fausto Papetti - Sleepy Shores
03.Francis Goya - Concerto Pour Une Voix
04.Armik - Dancing Shadows
05.Alan Parsons - Mammagamma
06.Paris-France-Transit - Voices Of Jupiter
07.The Shadows - Apache
08.Vanessa Mae - Can Can
09.The Ventures - The House Of Rising Sun
10.Max Greger - Two Guitars
11.Richard Clauderman - Dolannes Melody
12.Glenn Miller Project - Moonlight Serenade
13.Paul Mauriat - Bridge Over Troubled Water
14.Santana - Samba Pa TiMany More Inside
15.Kenny Ball - Midnight in Moscow
16.Squirrell Nut Zippers - Flight Of The Passing Fancy
17.Aristakis - The Entertainer
18.Stephanie Grappelli - Tears
19.Louis Clark & R.P.O - Pachelbels Canon
20.Dave Brubeck - Thank You (Dziekuje)
21.Exception - Air

01.Vanessa-Mae - Storm
02.Armik - Gipsy Flame
03.Paul Mauriat - Minuetto
04.Pan Dana - The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
05.Frank Duval & Orchestra - Sorry to leave You
06.Paruis-Frnce-Tranzit - Souvenir From Rio
07.Robert Miles - Children
08.Squirrel Nut Zippers - Interlocutor
09.The Ventures - Vibrations
10.Fausto Papetti - Theme From Paradise
11.Richard Clauderman - Aline
12.Ennino Morricone - Le Vent, Le Cri
13.Michel Legrand - Paraplues De Sherbourg
14.Paul Mauriat - Un Homme Et Une Femme
15.G. Sviridov - Waltz
16.Space - Secret Dreams
17.Rithie Blackmore - Ministrel Hall
18.Richard Clauderman - Moonlight Sonata
19.Dave Brubeck - Sixth Sense


01.Walter Murphy - A Fifth Of Beethoven
02.Vanessa Mae - Contadanza
03.Francis Goya - Nostalgia
04.Ron Asprey - I Will Always Love You
05.Blonker - Sidewalk Cafe
06.Alan Parsons - Hawkeye
07.Secret Service - Aux Deux Magots
08.The Shadows - Chattanooga Choo Choo
09.Fausto Papetti - Feelings
10.Jan Holland - Black Eyes
11.Alex Bollard - You Are Lady
12.Paul Mauriat - Godfather
13.Santana - I Love You Much To Much
14.Ocarina II - Ocarina II (Fluite Solo)
15.Bert Kaempfert - Twilight
16.Julee Cruise - Twin Peaks Theme
17.Saint Preux - Prelude Pour Plano
18.Kenny G - The Moment
19.Frank Duval - Main Theme III
20.Errol Garner - Paris Mist
21.James Last - Biscaya

01.Paul Maureatt - Love Story
02.Fausto Papetti - Alone Again
03.George Benson - C-Smooth
04.R.Clauderman & James Last - Reflections
05.Bisquitte - Zoo Zoo
06.Jan Holland - El Bambino
07.Blonker - Aranjues
08.Eddy Calvert - Mistral
09.The Ventures - Music To Watch Girls By
10.Jean-Michel Jarre - Oxygene IV
11.Edward Simoni - Feuer Tanz
12.M.Knopfler & Chet Atkins - I'Ll See You In My Dreams
13.F. Goya & D. Luca - Memory
14.Francisco Garcia - What's A Women
15.Whitehall Mystery Orchestra - My Serenade
16.Blackmore's Kingdom - Greensleeves
17.James Last - Tico-Tico
18.The Lively Ones - Surf Rider
19.Peter Weekers - Wish You Were Here
20.Saint-Preux - Intermezzo
21.Vangelis - Ignacio


01.Fausto Papetti - Strangers In The Night
02.Ricky King - Lotos Blume
03.Nicholas Gunn - Earth Story
04.Frank Duval - Me To You
05.Ocarina - Lonely Singer
06.Saint-Preux - Entre Le Reve Et L'Oubli
07.James Last - Paradiso
08.Space - Balad For Space Lovers
09.Richard Clauderman - Do You Know
10.Santana - Luz Amor Y Vida
11.Keiko Matsui - Flowers Of The Sea
12.Paul Mauriat - Brazilia Carnaval
13.Cusco - Saturn
14.Hugo Strasser - Pariser Tango
15.The Shadows - The Lute Number
16.Jean-Michel Jarre - Oxygene Part II
17.Eddy Calvert - Lonelyness
18.Francisco Garcia - Woman In Love
19.Karunesh - Sweet Dreams
20.Rainbow - Snowman
21.Kenny G - My Heart Will Go On
22.The Ventures - Trambone
23.Paul Mauriat - Mamy Blue
24.Mark Snow - The X-Files (main title)

01.Helmut Zacharias - La Vie En Rose
02.Paul Mauriat - Penelope
03.Francis Goya - Try a Little Tenderness
04.George Saxon - Only You
05.Azil Y Negro - Isadora
06.Ricky King - Brazilia
07.Damian Luca - Unchained Melody
08.The Shadows - Riders In The Sky
09.Pedro Alvarez - Ole Guapa
10.Keiko Matsui - Bonfire In The Piano
11.Ocarina - Bag Pipe Reggae
12.Space - Blue Tears
13.The Intimate Orchestra - Sadeness
14.J.-M.Jarre - Band In The Train
15.The Ventures - Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head
16.Dancing Fantasy - Midnight Blur
17.Dave Brubeck - Sobre Las Olas
18.Jeff Wayne - The Eve Of The War
19.Jerry Mulligan - The Shadow Of The Smile
20.Darras & Leroux - Boderline.
21.Nino Rota - Romeo & Juliet
22.Space - Running In The City
23.Jan Holland - The Last Waltz

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