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Data: 14 Luty 2011
Kategoria: MUZYKA » Albumy

Motown Chartbusters vol 10 11 12

Motown Chartbusters vol 10 11 12
Soul/RnB | Mp3 | 320 kbps | 3 Volume | 480 MB

Motown Chartbusters[vol 10]

By the late 70s Motown was far from the powerhouse it had been a decade earlier but, as this collection shows, was still turning out great records. Eleven of the tracks included here made the UK Top 20; some are still known to everybody, but this compilation also provides the opportunity to catch up with others, such as Yvonne Fair's remarkable 'It Should Have Been Me', which have largely slipped under the radar in the intervening decades.

Of the non-hits, the tracks from Teena Marie, Tata Vega and Rick James are well worth acquiring - very much of their time but very strong records nevertheless, and unlikely to feature on other general Motown compilations.

The only odd omission is David Ruffin's 1976 Top 10 hit 'Walk Away From Love'. Maybe there was a reason this track could not have been included when this compilation was originally released, but it should certainly be here at the expense of Smokey Robinson's 'Big Time', which was not a hit and is not a particularly good record either, the weakest track on here by some distance.

Overall, as a chance to get hold of some half-forgotten gems, this can't be bettered.

Track Listings
1. Three Times A Lady
2. Love Hangover
3. Night
4. Got To Give It Up (Part I)
5. Get It Up For Love
6. Boss
7. Theme From Big Time
8. Your Kiss Is Sweet
9. Theme From Mahogany "Do You Know Where You're Going To"
10. Easy
11. I'm A Sucker For Your Love
12. Love Machine
13. It Should Have Been Me
14. You And I
15. Don't Leave Me This Way
16. Sail On

Motown Chartbusters[vol 11]

With UK top ten hits by Diana Ross (Upside down, My old piano), Teena Marie (Behind the groove), Billy Preston and Syreeta (With you I'm born again), the Commodores (Still) and Jermaine Jackson (Let's get serious), this compilation shows that Motown were still a force to be reckoned with as the seventies ended and the eighties began.

Several of the tracks here missed the UK charts but are still worth hearing. Cruising (Smokey Robinson) was an American top five hit although it missed the British charts. I don't know if it was released as a UK single, but it's a great song anyway.

This is a great compilation highlighting the music coming out of Motown as the seventies gave way to the eighties.

1. Upside Down (Diana Ross)
2. Behind The Groove (Teena Marie)
3. It Will Come In Time (Billy Preston & Syreeta)
4. Still (The Commodores)
5. Big Time (Rick James)
6. Make Me Yours (High Energy)
7. Let's Get Serious (Jermaine Jackson)
8. It's My House (Diana Ross)
9. With You I'm Born Again (Billy Preston & Syreeta)
10. Burnin' Hot (Jermaine Jackson)
11. My Old Piano (Diana Ross)
12. He's Gone (Syreeta)
13. I Need Your Lovin' (Teena Marie)
14. Wonderland (The Commodores)
15. Cruisin' (Smokey Robinson)
16. The Last Song (Lynda Carter)

Motown Chartbusters vol 10 11 12

By the beginning of the eighties, Motown's glory days were long past, yet they were still able to score some big hits. Unfortunately for Motown, there were many more misses and minor hits than big hits as this compilation shows.

Being with you (Smokey Robinson) and One day in your life (Michael Jackson) both made number one in the UK, while Endless love (Diana Ross and Lionel Richie) made number one in America and also made the top ten in the UK. I'm coming out (Diana Ross) made the UK top twenty, but the remaining tracks made little, if any, impact in the UK charts.

Of course, just because they weren't big hits doesn't make them bad records - indeed, many of them are excellent. It's always good to hear the Commodores, Syreeta and Teena Marie, but you'll have to look elsewhere (including earlier volumes in this series) to find their big hits.

Purely judged on the size of the hits, this is the weakest volume in the series. Nevertheless, this is a fine compilation showing that Motown was still turning out some great music in the early eighties.

1. Being With You (Smokey Robinson)
2. Lady (The Commodores)
3. We're Almost There (Michael Jackson)
4. Endless Love (Diana Ross & Lionel Richie)
5. Give It To Me (Rick James)
6. I'm Coming Out (Diana Ross)
7. You Like Me Don't You (Jermaine Jackson)
8. It Must Be Magic (Teena Marie)
9. Oh No (The Commodores)
10. One Day In Your Life (Michael Jackson)
11. Tenderness (Diana Ross)
12. Tell Me Tomorrow (Smokey Robinson)
13. I Wanna Be Where You Are (Jose Feliciano)
14. I Must Be In Love (Syreeta)
15. Why You Wanna Try Me (The Commodores)
16. Paradise In Your Eyes (Jermaine Jackson)
17. Super Freak (Rick James)
18. It's My Turn (Diana Ross)

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