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Data: 29 Grudzień 2010
Kategoria: MUZYKA » Albumy

VA - The Word: Now Hear This Best Of 2010 (2010)

VA - The Word: Now Hear This Best Of 2010 (2010)
Genre: Rock / Pop / Folk / Word Music | Label: The Word | 15 Tracks | MP3 320 kbps | 147 MB

01. Goldheart Assembley — King Of Rome
We commence with one of the best singles of the summer from a band who transport dreary London to the melody-drenched warmth of some Californian West Coast of the mind. Goldheart Assembly prove that huge and healthy beards are no barrier to pop wondrousness, as if The Band had made it their mission to topple Girls Aloud.
From the album Wolves and Thieves

02. Lucky Soul — That's When Trouble Begins
This track was number one all summer long in our imaginary pop chart. A spectacular clenched fist of a tune from the south-east London sextet, it in no way oversells an excellent album of fiery British soul-pop. Also includes a commendable no-foreign-accents reference to “joy de veever”.
From the album A Coming Of Age

03. Broken Bells — Mongrel Heart
With a CV that stupefies both in volume and quality, Brian “Danger Mouse” Burton is very much the presiding production spirit of our times. Having done Gnarls Barkley, Gorillaz, Beck, Sparklehorse and countless others, he’s now working on the regeneration of U2, but unlike most producers he’s a restless artist in his own right. For Broken Bells his Penrose is James Mercer, Alberquerquean frontman of sophisticated indie band The Shins. They met at Denmark’s Roskilde Festival in 2004, when Danger Mouse’s work consisted largely of the cheerfully illegal Beatles/Jay-Z mash-up The Grey Album, and a couple of years later embarked upon an album. Broken Bells, the result, was a gorgeous mixture of The Shins’ post-paisley melodics and Danger Mouse’s handmade electronics, and one of the year’s most satisfying repeat listens.
From the album Broken Bells

04. John Grant — Sigourney Weaver
Possibly the actual album of the year among Word staffers at least, a sweet and ironic piece of modern AOR in which troubled singer Grant – like the Alien-beset Ms Weaver herself – conquers his demons in style.
From the album Queen of Denmark

05. CW Stoneking — The Love Me Or Die
One of The Word’s discoveries of 2010, a young Australian who fashions daguerrotype-perfect recreations of 1920s acoustic blues songs. Stoneking makes this music as infectious and immediate as it was when it was first created, and if you don’t love it then we simply do not know what we are going to do with you.
From the album Jungle Blues

06. Field Music — The Rest Is Noise
A common modern complaint is that every conceivable combination of guitars, drums and electric bass has not only been done but done to death. To those making this argument we prescribe Field Music’s third album Measure, a work that is an indie-rock record the way the roof of the Sistine Chapel is a bit of interior decoration. It’s the product of three years’ off during which members sibling members Peter and David Brewis came round to the idea of a no-rules recording that redefined what double albums were all about.
From the album Measure

07. The Phantom Band — Walls
Glasgow’s high priests of rich, dark, deep, below-the-waterline rock-of-the-subconscious did not disappoint at all with their follow-up to the acclaimed Checkmate Savage. A mesmeric song full of undertow, this is them at their best.
From the album The Wants

08. Midlake — Children Of The Grounds
Perennial Word favourites who this year acted as John Grant’s backing band, meaning that they made not one but two of the albums of 2010.
From the album The Courage Of Others

09. Larsen B — Marylin
Melodies: you think all the good ones have been done, and then one arrives that absolutely colonises your brain. This Home Counties trio are princes of the folky-dokey groove and one of the finds of our year.
From the album Musketeer

10. The Sparrow & The Workshop
One of the signature tracks from “folk Zep” and a wildly popular choice from the
voting masses of the Word messageboards. They sound like urchins trained by Tom
Waits and are without doubt A Good Thing.
From the album Crystals Fall

11. The Avett Brothers — Ill With Want
It may fall prey to the Beastie Boys’ Ill Communication problem (“3 Communication”?) but this harmonically gorgeous declaration of lovesickness carries the banner for the North Carolinan siblings, another of the bands that made our year. There’s even a Beatley bit at 2.27.
From the album I And Love And You

12. Ali Farka Toure & Toumani Diabate — Ruby
Music does not have to be recorded this year for it to be among the best released this year. This album’s duets between Malian guitarist Ali Farka Toure and kora player Toumani Diabate were recorded over just three afternoons in 2005, shortly after the two musicians toured Europe together in support of their acclaimed first collaboration In The Heart Of The Moon. Toure died less than a year later, and when Ali And Toumani was released in 2010 it was a last testament to one of the legends of international music. “When you’re listening to this album it’s like you’re reading a book about Ali,” says Toumani Diabate, himself a legend of traditional music. “He was a musical phenomenon, a pioneer of music, a trainer.” As with all truly great music, no prior knowledge or qualifications are required to appreciate Ali And Toumani’s unaffected warmth and beauty.
From the forthcoming album Ali And Toumani

13. The Divine Comedy — The Lost Art Of Conversation
A new lease of life on his own label has put the fire back in Neil Hannon, our contemporary heir to Tom Lehrer, Neil Innes and Scott Walker (when he was good). A hymn to heroic pop and correct language, you feel this song should be credited to “Jeff Lynne Truss”.
From the album Bang Goes The Knighthood

14. Harper Simon — Berkeley Girl
Don’t they grow up fast? Paul S’s son wrote and recorded with the band Menlo Park for some years but on this first solo record the family DNA is very much to the fore. A lovely little dream of a song.
From the EP Harper Simon

15. I Am Kloot — Radiation
Mancunian band’s burst into centrestage, assisted by Elbow’s Guy Garvey, was one of the surprises and joys of the year. Play this at two minutes to midnight on New Year’s Eve and the horns will come in just in time for the fireworks. Happy Christmas and the Word CD will see you in 2011!
From the album Sky At Night

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