Autor: pavuky
Data: 30 Sierpień 2010
Kategoria: KONCERTY

Gentle Giant - Giant Of The Box(DVD,2004)

  _German TV ZDF 1974-Brussels
1) Cogs in Cogs
2) Proclamation
3) Funny Ways
4) The Runaway
5) Experience
6) Features From Octopus
7) Advent of Panurge
8) So Sincere
  _US TV Concert 1975
1) Experience
2) Features From Octopus
3) Advent of Panurge
4) Funny Ways
  _Szene 1974
1) Guitar & drums from In a Glass House
1) Baroque & Roll-black and white film from Italian TV featuring live footage & interviews
2) Photo Gallery from Gary Green's private collection

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