Autor: Xio
Data: 3 Czerwiec 2010
Kategoria: INNE
0 Maya 2011 Essential Training Maya 2011 Essential Training Maya 2011 Essential Training
Genre: eLearning | 1.29GB

In Maya 2011 Essential Training, George Maestri demonstrates the tools and feature set in Maya, as well as the skills necessary to model, texture, animate, and render projects with this deep and robust piece of 3D animation software from Autodesk. This course takes an in-depth tour of Maya's interface, including navigating and manipulating objects in 3D and customizing the workspace. The course also covers object creation and modeling basics, shading and texturing, surface mapping techniques, character rigging, and lastly, rendering and final output. Exercise files accompany the course.

Topics include:
* Getting familiar with the Maya interface
* Organizing scenes
* Creating hierarchies
* NURBs modeling for solid objects
* Adding color to models
* Applying bitmap textures
* Working with mental ray materials
* Polygonal modeling for characters and organic objects
* Deforming with the Skin tool
* Setting up lights and cameras
* Creating realistic effects such as depth of field
* Working with the Timeline
* Creating animation cycles
* Batch rendering
* Rendering with the mental ray engine


Supplier . : QUASAR
Cracker .. : QUASAR
Packager . : QUASAR
Type ..... : Brain Enhancement
Date ..... : 06-02-2010
OS ....... : Win/Mac

Unpack, burn or mount and enjoy.

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