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2L - the Nordic Sound

2L - the Nordic Sound

4xStereo WAV DXD 24-bit 352.8kHz | Classical | 3.06 GB

So what is DXD? As we know, SACD has adopted a digital processing called DSD, Direct Stream Digital, or more technically correct, DSD64. That means, based on the Red Book specified 44.1 kHz sampling frequency, the data stream will go through a 1-bit/64 times over-sampling process to achieve an audio date rate of 2.8224 Mbit/s.

DSD signals further require a noise shaping process to sustain the dynamic range of 120 dB within the primary bandwidth of 20 Hz - 20 kHz but that causes the noise spectrum to increase above 22 kHz. One obvious solution is the process known as DSD128, which increases resolution to wider bandwidth by doubling the over-sampling rate to 1-bit/128 times. The down side is that the data size would also be doubled and would require large media storage, rendering it impractical for commercial applications. Digital eXtreme Definition is a professional audio format that brings "analogue" qualities in 32 bit floating point at 352.8 kHz.

DXD preserves 11.2896 Mbit/s (4 times the data of DSD). This leaves headroom for editing and balancing before quantizing to DSD. Super Audio CD is the carrier that brings the pure quality to the domestic audience, supporting high resolution sound in multi channel. The disc still looks like a CD and is totally compatible with conventional CD players and computers. Presence and partiCENZURAtion are the magic words for future listeners. Surround sound brings the listener to the very centre of the audio experience. The signal path is as simple and short as it is technically advanced and the company has devised a formula for the recordings, which Lindberg Lyd describe as: "Fantastic musicians and adventurous music in a beautiful venue!"

1. W.A.Mozart: Violin concerto in D major (KV 218) - Allegro (MARIANNE THORSEN: MOZART: Violin Concertos)
2. L. v. Beethoven: Sonate 32 - Maestoso (TOR ESPEN ASPAAS: MIRROR CANON)
3. B.Britten: Simple Symphony, Op. 4 - Boisterous Bourree (TRONDHEIMSOLISTENE: DIVERTIMENTI)
4. Haydn: String Quartet in D, Op. 76, No. 5 - Finale - Presto (OLA GJEILO: Stone Rose)

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