Data: 13 Czerwiec 2011
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TomTom Maps of Europe 2GB 870.3391 (2011)
TomTom Maps of Europe 2GB 870.3391 (2011)
TomTom Maps of Europe 2GB 870.3391 (2011) | 2.31 GB

TomTom need no introduction here. Earlier in March this year TomTom Navigator 2 was released. TomTom kept to their same product packaging as with Navigator 1, this meant that Europe was split into 7 regions. At the same time TomTom also announced what they term as "Navigator 2 Maps of Western Europe". This review looks at these European Maps: what you get and how it all works.[/center]

TomTom have set a retail price for the European Maps at ˆ189.00 or about ?144.00.
The maps are packaged in a large (nearly A4) sized box. Inside this box, like Russian Dolls, is a smaller box which is CD sized and about 2.54cm (that is an inch to you and me) high. This box contains 8 CDs with the maps on.

The first thing I noticed was that there are 7 regions and 8 CDs. Interesting!! I thought that maybe there was something extra in the package. Unfortunately there wasn't. I searched around a bit but could not find any undocumented extras. It may be that TomTom have included some extra map segments that are not on the normal CDs.



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