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Autor: sarthy
Data: 20 Luty 2011
Kategoria: GSM / PDA » Gry GSM

Android Games Pack (2011/ENG/RUS)

Android Games Pack (2011/ENG/RUS) | 2.62 Gb

Kolekcja najbardziej popularnych gier na Android. Paczka zawiera gry logiczne, arcade,

wyścigi, RPG itd.

Rok: 2011
Platforma: Android
Język: Angielski, Rosyjski
Rozmiar paczki: 2.62 Gb

Android Games Pack (2011/ENG/RUS)

Android Games Pack (2011/ENG/RUS)

Android Games Pack (2011/ENG/RUS)

[*] 3 Kingdoms TD - is the classic Tower Defence with new gameplay. You and your hero to go

to the Battle of the Three Kingdoms.
[*] Angry Birds - a puzzle video game developed by Rovio Mobile, in which a player using a

slingshot to shoot birds
[*] Armored Defense Lite (Beta) - military arcade with excellent graphics.
[*] Assassin's Creed - All known game Assassin's Creed. In this game you can develop the

patience and skill to accumulate skills.
[*] Astral Commander - Space arcade game, in which, controlling robots, you must build

towers to repel an enemy attack
[*] Avatar 3D - The game will take you to interesting and fascinating world that is beyond your

[*] Bebbled Lite - an exciting and beautiful puzzle game for Android. You need to find and

remove the balls from the playing field a similar color
[*] Burning Tires 3D - In this mobile racing with fantastic graphics, you are invited to ride on

the most dangerous places on the planet
[*] Crystal Defenders - addictive game in style turrets
[*] Dante THE INFERNO - video games in the genre of slasher with elements of role-playing

[*] Dark Area Lite 3D - Lite version of the 3D first-person shooter for powerful handheld device.
[*] DynamoKid Touch - arcade classic character toys
[*] EA FIFA 10 - an excellent 3D football from Electronic Arts is now on Android
[*] European War - Strategic toy. Expands its forces on land and at sea, dive into Europe 19

[*] Farm Tower - arcade on the physics of which you need to help safely descend from the high

towers baby animals
[*] Forest Runner - a game about the conqueror of the jungle
[*] Fruit Pirate (3D) - cuts fruits and earn points.
[*] GT Racing Motor Academy - one of the real and the most realistic racing simulators.
[*] Guitar Hero 5 Mobile - Famous console game Guitar Hero is now on your Android
[*] Gun Bros 3D - real 3D-action game in which (as befits the genre), you have to destroy the

hordes of enemies in a non-stop
[*] Half-Life - a video game in the genre of sci-fi first-person shooter.
[*] Haypi Kingdom - the massive online game about the Middle Ages
[*] Hero Of Sparta - a great game from GameLoft in 3D. Superb graphics and gameplay. You'll

fight with mythical creatures
[*] HexDefense - camoya arcade and a saturated genre of Tower Defense games to Android
[*] Jewellust - beautiful puzzle game for Android
[*] Labyrinth Full - a classic game where you control a steel ball by tilting a wooden labyrinth.
[*] Leap Sheep! - Fun arcade game where you have to jump over a flock of sheep over the

[*] Majesty Fantasy Kingdom Sim - a huge magical world in which it is YOU have the honor to

become the head of a small fairy-tale kingdom.
[*] Math Scramble - a puzzle game in which you want to make mathematical examples
[*] Modern CombatSandstorm - clone of the Call of Duty on your smartphone. You'll play an

American soldier, your goal unichnozhit terrorists.
[*] Mr.Wiener - logic puzzle
[*] Modern Combat Black Pegasus HD 2 - Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus improves

gameplay first Modern Combat
[*] NOVA - To protect each other, space refuge together in an alliance, which was named Near

Orbit Vanguard Alliance
[*] Need for Speed Shift - the famous race from the developers of the company EA Games.
[*] Paper Toss - office fun.
[*] Peeping Tom - do not give spying eyes of the girl washable.
[*] Plateau - an entertaining puzzle game in which you want to move the ball so that the lines

are not crossed.
[*] Prince of Persia - The legendary Prince of Persia series is now in your smartphones android
[*] Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 - an excellent football simulator with 3D graphics and running

with G-Sensor
[*] Real Football 2011 - 3D GameLoft football from now on Android
[*] Reckless Racing - combines a classic racing gameplay with good graphics environment.
[*] Shrek Kart - miles of fun racing with Shrek and his friends
[*] Singularity - 3D space shooter
[*] Skies of Glory - Ruthless dogfights in the skies during World War II.
[*] Slice It - we cut a finger with a knife as a variety of shapes
[*] SmackTalk! - Deal with the hamster
[*] Space War HD - classic Invaders for Android
[*] SpeedX 3D - you have to shoot on three-dimensional tunnel, dodging obstacles.
[*] Splinter cell Conviction - Sensational shooter is now on the Android OS
[*] Super Dynamite Fishing - blast fishing on Android.
[*] Tetris For Android - a good Tetris for Android smartphones with high-quality graphics
[*] The Last Defender HD - modern warfare, you are the rocket launcher and destroy armored

[*] The Sims 3 - The famous life simulator Sims 3 is now on Android!
[*] Tile Storm Lite (3D) - a beautiful puzzle game for the android with beautiful 3D graphics
[*] Tom Clancy's HAWX - simulator with spectacular graphics platform android
[*] Treasures of Montezuma 2 - is a colorful and addictive puzzle game in the style of "three in

a row"
[*] TurboFly 3D - futuristic racing for Android
[*] WARP - in this game you have to save our planet from meteorites
[*] War2 - War online
[*] Wild West Sheriff - Western, the problem is not getting to shoot bandits in the other
[*] Winds of Steel - one of the best flight simulation for Android
[*] Worms 2010 - a classic comic war game returns to mobile. Get a platoon of worms with

powerful weapons and attack the enemy
[*] X Construction - arcade game for Android Building bridges and inspect them for strength to

passing on his train
[*] Xeno Tactic II Lite - qualities of the game for Android, which is necessary to defend your

base from enemy invasion
[*] Yumsters - Yumsters! Settle them in my phone - and you always forget about boredom!
[*] Zuma's Revenge - the legendary Zuma returned.

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