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Data: 15 Czerwiec 2011
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ultiPack 1 - Ultimate SoundBoard 1.0 iPhone and iPod touch

MultiPack 1 - Ultimate SoundBoard 1.0 iPhone and iPod touch

MultiPack #1 is now available on AppStore! This is the Ultimate SoundBoard Edition with over 500 Original Sounds!
This AppPack Includes 22 Apps for the fraction of a price :
- Baby Talks - Sounds of babies crying and giggling.
- The WAR! - War Sounds including explosions and machine guns.
- Burper - Original Burps and Belches.
- Death Scream - Really scary screams of people!
- Fart Shaker - Farts! Farts! and Farts!
- GameBox - Classic Old Arcade Game Sounds.
- Laughter - Laughs, pretty addictive :)
- Men at Work - Construction Site Sounds including drills, hammers and jackhammers!
- The Gun - GunShot Sounds! A must have!
- The Kitty - For all the cat lovers out there or if you want to annoy your dog ;)
- Swords Fight - If you want to make a virtual sword fight.
- Bark 'n' Woof - Need a dog bark? Here are 23 of those!
- Car Horns - Whenever you need a horn, even if you don't have a car!
- Cow Shaker - Everyone loves their Moo,Moo,Mooo!
- Explosions - REAL Explosions Sound!
- Horse Shaker - Need A Horse? Here is a virtual one... or at least it sound like one.
- Monster Shaker - Creepy and Scary... Best used in the dark room!
- Phone Rings - Just some casual phone rings, still A LOT of use for those!
- Sick Guy - Like to be sick? Now you can... well not really :)
- Squeaky Duck - Just don't let your dog chew on you iPhone!
- Bird Tweets - For all those people that like birds singing.
- Sheep Shaker - BAH! BAH! A sheep, and sound like one!

All Apps Listed Above Are Modified versions of our Ultimate Sound Box Apps Series!

Each APP has 23 Original sounds, which equals over 500 original Sound Effects in One App! (MultiPack #1)

Just tap on a numbered button to play a sound. You can tap multiple buttons at once to have a sound combo.

- Tap for a sound
- Multi tap enabled soundboard
- Endless possibilities of use.

Additional information
- Easy to use.
- Fun to play with.
- Original sounds.

ultiPack 1 - Ultimate SoundBoard 1.0 iPhone and iPod touch

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