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Data: 9 Lipiec 2010
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Golden Axe Beast Rider PAL XBOX360

Golden Axe Beast Rider | XBOX360 | 7 gb

Golden Axe: Beast Rider tells of the events preceding the events of the original Golden Axe. The courageous warrior named Tyris Flare goes on an epic journey in order to avenge the people of his tribe. In difficult and full of dangers and battles her journey to help various mythical animals, and magic and spells.
In Golden Axe: Beast Rider harmoniously combines the main features of role-playing and the dynamics and excitement militants Hack'n'Slash.

Riding the beast. You have the awesome mythical animals, riding on which you can break the enemy line, trampling and ripping to shreds the supporters of evil.

Brutal fight. Swords and axes will help you unleash the primitive instincts and dismember the enemy left and right.

Spells and magic. You will have the advantage in combat, improving and using weapons and magic spells.

The harsh desert landscapes. You explore a vast desolate and destroy the world and, most importantly, to survive in it.
The legacy of classics. Those who played in the first Golden Axe, meet familiar friends and enemies.

Golden Axe Beast Rider PAL XBOX360

Golden Axe Beast Rider PAL XBOX360

Golden Axe Beast Rider PAL XBOX360

Genre: Adventure, Action
Year: 2008
Region: Region Free
Developer: Secret Level
Publisher: SEGA
Publication Type: Full
Firmware: iXtreme Compatible
Image size: 7.29 GB

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