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Cabela's Dangerous Adventures (2008/XBOX360/PAL)

Cabela's Dangerous Adventures
Language: English | Region: PAL
Release year: 2008 | Platform: XBOX360 | Publisher: Activision | Developer: To Be Announced | File size: 6.3 Gb
Category: Hunting

Cabela's Dangerous Adventures is a non-stop full risk and fast action is an exciting experience for lovers of hunting and hunting for fans of action from the first person. The player will have to face the savage 25 animals on Earth, including grizzly bears, Lions, rhinos, Jaguars, etc. in 9 different locations throughout the world such as South American jungle wilderness of Alaska and the Russian tundra. In the game you have realistic guns and other devices, but not always, they help you because you have to face various natural disasters, to avoid avalanches, withdrew the treadmill elephant and filled with piranhas. If you do not have time to recharge promahnetes? and weapons, you'll have to face a fierce predator in hand-to-hand combat.

Cabela's Dangerous Adventures (2008/XBOX360/PAL)

Cabela's Dangerous Adventures (2008/XBOX360/PAL)

Cabela's Dangerous Adventures (2008/XBOX360/PAL)

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parta w rarach po rozpakowaniu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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