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Fable III (2010/MULTI10)

Fable III (2010/MULTI10/RUS/RF/XBOX360)
Language: MULTI10 | license region: Region Free
Year: 2010 | XBOX360 | Developer: Lionhead Studios | Publisher: Microsoft | Size: 6.62 GB
Genre: RPG/3D/3rd Person

Peace Fable fairy tale game continues in the third part of this wonderful series. Fable II will give you more control over the character and environment than in the previous part. The new adventures of players will experience the tyranny, poverty and injustice that beset the plague homeland. Ways in the game as always will disperse and only you will need to decide what to sacrifice to save Crown Albion. Will you adhere to the principles of order and kindness, and you will begin to praise all the inhabitants of the Kingdom, or vice versa – will instill fear in the hearts of the surrounding their deeds?

A new journey to see Albion will occur after five decades after the events of the previous part of the game and you will be the role of child's hero from Fable II. During the reign of you will have to make difficult choices and sacrifice that will affect all of Albion.

The game features:
-Become a hero and "sotvoriteť own destiny. The story begins with you and your hero, find yourself in the heart of the Fable II. From the revolutionary to the ruler you'll have to endure a lot – it offers exciting, colourful and dramatic. Interaction with the world of Albion has never been so easy and enjoyable. In the expressions (Expressions), a new original Dynamic Touch function, which allows your character to reach out and hug a loved one or to take revenge on those who betrayed you. Your hero, your dog and even guns are evolving to reflect your "morals" and fighting style. Emotional connection that players are in the world of Fable II, will bring you unforgettable sensations-The popular action becomes an adventure. Your journey is with streets prosperous industrial Albion on battlefields. Innovative system of combat one button (the one-button combat) allows players to easily combine different styles in their arsenal of weapons to melee, ranged weapons and magic-choices and consequences. The basic principle of peace Fable is that the player is given the opportunity to choose, and choose all around. Good or evil, love or hate, career or family, or just you and your faithful companion dog – live the life you've always dreamed of! In this game, even more than ever, your choice will lead to considerable consequences that affect the whole of your entity. Whether it's a little quarrel or modify the selected destinations for the entire Kingdom – these key decisions are forever changed the world.

Fable III (2010/MULTI10)

Fable III (2010/MULTI10)

Fable III (2010/MULTI10)

Firmware: iXtreme 6th wave (iXtreme 1.61 == iXtreme 1 > under. 2-1.6 need patching!)

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