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Undead Nightmare - Red Dead Redemption (ENG/XBOX360/Region Free)

Undead Nightmare - Red Dead Redemption (2010/ENG/XBOX360/Region Free)
Language: English | Region: Region Free
Release date: 24 November 2010 | Platform: Xbox 360 | Developer: Rockstar San Diego | Publisher: Rockstar Games | Size: 6.35 GB
Genre: Action (Shooter)/3D/3rd Person

Undead Nightmare is an addition to the famous vesternu. This time the main hero John Marstonu to save Wild West from legions of zombies. Storyline campaign for a single game, which will take at least seven hours to meet with familiar characters, but now with a totally new circumstances. Online offer to engage in cruel but exciting fight for the survival of the whole team. In addition to complement the Undead Nightmare, Edition comes with a set of joint missions to the End game Outlaws, kits Legends and Killers and Liars and Cheats, and all existing network modes with free access.

Features: • Original storyline. John Marston-the last hope of Frontier Foundation: to cope with zombies.
- Collaboration network Undead games for 2-4 rate at parties to oppose the resurrected dead commands: more than 15 hours of gameplay.
- Four class zombies: Undead rank and file are familiar to all of the living dead, seeking to grab and bite any living creature; more nimble and hazard singles Bolters. slow but very strong Bruisers; the most unpleasant-emitting radioactive glow pluusiesa and rygaus Retchers. These beasts have hit players practice shooting.
- Incredibly powerful shotgun Blunderbuss: it can be charged even zombie body parts; for the murder of beasts need only one hit.
- New weapons — as for close combat and defeat enemies from a distance. The purifying fire, holy water and deadly Boom Bait bait.
- Complex but exciting test animals, mythical creatures, zombie, missing are all in the world of Red Dead Redemption, housed in a truly dreadful.
- New music.
- New achievements and awards.

Undead Nightmare - Red Dead Redemption (ENG/XBOX360/Region Free)

Undead Nightmare - Red Dead Redemption (ENG/XBOX360/Region Free)

Undead Nightmare - Red Dead Redemption (ENG/XBOX360/Region Free)

Optional: does not require the original game Red Dead Redemption.

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