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Autor: crashwin
Data: 5 Maj 2010

Test Drive: Eve of Destruction

Test Drive: Eve of Destruction
Genre: Racing|Region: NTSC|Id drive: SLUS_209.10|Media: DVD5|Language: English|Multiplayer: 4x

Ask yourself this question: Can you honestly remember the last time you enjoyed a real-life demolition derby, let alone a demolition derby video game? The derby itself has become antiquated, and as far as games go, tried-and-true demolition derby games have pretty much been outshined and outclassed in recent years by crash-happy racers like the Burnout series.
The basic racing mechanics found in Test Drive: Eve of Destruction are as straightforward as you'd expect. The only race controls you have at your disposal are accelerate, brake, and reverse buttons, and there's a fire button for when you have to shoot chickens at your opponents in one of the battle races (we'll get to that in a minute). The handling of the cars isn't especially realistic, but the pacing of the racing seems almost realistic to a fault. Essentially, the game's sense of speed isn't great, and even when you're racing with the fastest cars in the game, you can't help but feel like you're dragging along. While some might argue that this is because you're basically racing nothing but junk cars, the fact remains that the game claims that, at times, you're reaching speeds in excess of 90 miles per hour, but it just does not feel like you are.


Test Drive: Eve of Destruction

Test Drive: Eve of Destruction

Test Drive: Eve of Destruction

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