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Autor: viip
Data: 19 Sierpień 2011

I Must Run! (2010/PSP/Minis/ENG)

you play for the prisoner who should run away from prison and reach city center for 24 hours, to rescue the wife. So for that you wait? Forward!
I Must Run! Is the ideological successor of game Canabalt. However, game not simply copies ideas of the predecessor, and adds the elements of a gameplay. To you it is necessary not only to jump on roofs, but also to destroy the met obstacles, and also to use ďîäęŕňű, to overcome hard-to-reach spots.

- In a role of unfairly condemned marine find and rescue the stolen girl.
- Reach the purpose, jumping on roofs and moving on underground tunnels, and check up level of combat training during deadly run on the high-rise crane.
- Risk life – you have only 24 hours on rescue of the favourite. Hurry!

The Name: I Must Run!
Genres: Arcade
Interface Language: English
Year of release: 2010
the Developer: Gamelion Studios
the Publisher: PSPMinis
the Size of a file: 8.06 Mb
the Insertion: All Prometheus, GEN, M33
the Platform: PSP

I Must Run! (2010/PSP/Minis/ENG)I Must Run! (2010/PSP/Minis/ENG)

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