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Autor: viip
Data: 19 Sierpień 2011

Hysteria Project 2 (2011/PSP/Minis/ENG)

In Hysteria Project you played for the protagonist who has regained consciousness in a cellar of the old house, you have been bound hand and foot, and unique your desire was to run away therefrom.

Further events developed quickly enough. Your purpose was to come off prosecution of the awful maniac and for this purpose some variants of runaway were given to you. Depending on that, correct you choose a way or not, your life depended. But as a result to escape to you and it was not possible since game came to an end on the most interesting place.

Hysteria Project 2 this continuation of the first part. Game will be, as before, is interactive, after all her singularity and appeal consisted in it and.

The Name: Hysteria Project 2
Genres: Adventure
Interface Language: English
Year of release: 2011
the Developer: Sanuk Games
the Publisher: Sanuk Games
the Size of a file: 89.54 Mb
the Insertion: Any
the Platform: PSP

Hysteria Project 2 (2011/PSP/Minis/ENG)Hysteria Project 2 (2011/PSP/Minis/ENG)Hysteria Project 2 (2011/PSP/Minis/ENG)

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