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Data: 15 Sierpień 2011

KAZooK (2006/PSP/ENG)

Kazook represents the collection of minigames and becomes, according to developers, "your wild dream and the most terrible nightmare" in one person. To users will entrust punishment of hordes of the zombie, piloting číîďëŕíĺňíűő the ships, fights with fighters ńóěî and some other, not less extravagant kinds of activity in total more than three tens. In whole, they can be divided into four kinds of employment: shooting, races, fights and dances.

features of game:
-30 fascinating minigames, from simple arcades and incendiary dances, before high-speed races and mad ôŕéňčíăîâ.
-16 amusing game characters among whom it is possible to meet, for example, the free kid on ńęĺéňĺ, the gloomy gangster and even the beauty in bikini.
-3 a single mode of game and possibility of network game.

The Name: KAZooK
Genres: the Collection
Interface Language: English
Year of release: 2006
the Developer: Monte Cristo
the Publisher: Xplosiv
the Size of a file: 122.45 Mb
the Insertion: OFW 6.3x
the Platform: PSP

KAZooK (2006/PSP/ENG)KAZooK (2006/PSP/ENG)KAZooK (2006/PSP/ENG)

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