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Data: 6 Marzec 2011

WackyLands Boss (2011/PSP-Minis/ENG)

Are you tired of cute princes bringing happy ending in every game? Then the game WackyLands Boss right for you! Take control of your monster and go over the kingdom, destroying everything in its path!

-You are the boss! Imagine yourself near a ruined castle, dressed in a toga, ninja mask, and ballet slippers? You can realize your dreams into reality! Customize your monster as you see fit, you can change your character from head to toe. You are waiting for tons of items and accessories that you'll need to open. Combinations are virtually endless!

-Equip and develop. Open frightening branches of evolution for its monster, turning it into ice or a horned animal, venomous Goliath! With every evolution you get more power, you will need to destroy the wretched of knights and archers, trying to stop your fun!

-Various battlefield. Keep your boss through the kingdom, a different environment. Through the woods in the village, through the icy tundra and finally to the castles.

-Destroy everything in its path! Hit, kick, stamping and incinerate everything in its path. Destroy the pesky knights and archers.

-Become the coolest boss. You can compare your results to the arena with other players from around the world, using a network of Crystal.

Name: [/ b] WackyLands Boss
Genre: [/ b] Action
Language: [/ b] English
Year: [/ b] 2011
Developer: [/ b] Creat Studios
Publisher: [/ b] Creat Studios
Size: [/ b] 14.78 Mb
Firmware: [/ b] Prometheus-4/GEN/M33
File format: [/ b] ISO
Platform: [/ b] PSP

WackyLands Boss (2011/PSP-Minis/ENG)WackyLands Boss (2011/PSP-Minis/ENG)WackyLands Boss (2011/PSP-Minis/ENG)

Download [/ b]
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Download [/ b]
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Download [/ b]
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