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Data: 8 Marzec 2011

[PS3] Samuraidou 4 - JPN

[PS3] Samuraidou 4 - JPN

Published by: Spike
Developed by: Spike
Genre: Action Adventure
CERO: D (17+)

Release Date: Mar 03, 2011

FiLENAME.. cvn-wots4jb
SiZE...... 28 x 100 MB
iMAGE..... JB Filez
PLATFORM.. PlayStation 3

Serial.... BLJS-10107


The Bakumatsu period is chaotic, but also full of opportunities. Become a Samurai in this period and see how you make a name for yourself in the harbor town. The mixture of old Japanese and western cultures make this a colorful and lively place. However, prosperity isn't the only thing, there are a lot of struggles - the nationalists wants to clear the land of western influences while the Bakufu supports the opening up of the country, thinking Japan is falling behind of the times. Another type of person just seeks to make the best out of the circumstances.

The fate of this town depends on which camp you join and how you interact with the people directly affects the facilities you can access. You can help people build schools or open shops, so that you can enjoy the services they provide later, or you can become a criminal and intimate the people, then the town becomes a center of crime.

The battle system speeds up further, making your fight even more exciting. When the hissatsu guage becomes full, you can take down whole gangs of people in one strike.

And finally enjoy it !!!

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