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Rango The Videogame (2011/ENG/PS3/EUR)-SweeTpS3

Rango The Videogame (2011/ENG/PS3/EUR)-SweeTpS3
Rango The Videogame (2011/ENG/PS3/EUR)-SweeTpS3

Rango The Videogame (2011/ENG/PS3/EUR)-SweeTpS3 | 2.64 Gb
Year: 22.02.2011 | Genre: Historic / Action / Adventure | Platform: PS3 | Language: Enhlish | Region: EUR
Publisher: Electronic Arts | Developer: Behaviour Interactive

Rango The Video Game invites players to continue on Rango's wild journey through new adventures inspired by the movie. Set in a gritty, pint-sized, Wild West World filled with off-color characters, wild rides and frantic shoot-outs, Rango invites players of all ages to meet the residents of the town of Dirt and play through Rango's whacky Tall Tales of Adventure, brimming with intense action and outlandish scenarios.

Explore a variety of environments featured within and beyond the film, and achieve near impossible feats while working to uncover a plot that threatens the entire population of Dirt. Along the way, Rango will encounter all the trappings of an adventure set in the Old West -- ridin', jumpin', brawlin', and shootin' -- that are crafted from the film’s pint-sized desert scene.

* Continue Rango’s Journey – Play as the quick-thinking chameleon Rango, the best Sherrif the town of Dirt has ever known, as you explore a variety of environments that expand beyond those seen in the film.
* Ride Roadrunners and Desert Bats – Speed through the desert atop these unconventional chariots as you perform extraordinary acrobatic chases.
* Golden Bullet – Hone your Sherrif shooting skills in unique golden bullet sequences that promise to entertain and impress your Dirtonian admirers.
* Wild West Shootouts – Face hordes of hostile rodents as you show the town who’s boss in good, old-fashioned shootuts where guns are blazin’ and spurs are shinin.’
* Meet the Dirtonians – From a group of mariachi birds who provide color commentary to a gang of wild rabbits, your fellow townsfolk will provide no shortage of fun and entertainment.

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