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Autor: tanya-j
Data: 28 Listopad 2010

Nier (2010/PS3/NTSC-U)

Nier (2010/ENG/PS3/NTSC-U)
Language: English | Region: NTSC (USA)
Release year: 4/22/2010 | platform: PS3 | Publisher: SQUARE ENIX Ltd. | Developer: Cavia | File size: 5.96 Gb
Category: action Adventure

A world without joy. The world affected by the disease. The world of human wickedness, and devilish despair. Leave the hope, since she disappeared in a shroud of chaos. Sklonis? demons, because coming to their Kingdom. But heroes can find their way to salvation. And if you will need to arrange a bloodbath ... Let it be!

Landmark, incredibly bitter and moderately dark will please all fans NIER slasher film genre. This game combines elements that have already conquered the hearts of millions of fans-a furious battle hordes of unusual enemies, dynamic plot in the style of the best role-playing games and the magnificence of the surrounding universe, which has become a hallmark company, Square Enix. Devil may continue to cry. It is the new era and NIER ready take the top spot on the horizon better actions.

Nier (2010/PS3/NTSC-U)

Nier (2010/PS3/NTSC-U)

Nier (2010/PS3/NTSC-U)

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