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Data: 24 Luty 2010

Soul Calibur 3 (2005/PS2/RUS)

[b] Name: [/ b] Soul Calibur 3
[b] Genres: [/ b] Fighting
[b] Interface Language: [/ b] Russian
[b] Year: [/ b] 2005
[b] Developer: [/ b] Namco
[b] Publisher: [/ b] Namco
[b] File size: [/ b] 4.23 Gb
[b] Platform: [/ b] PS2

Best fights PlayStation 2 with new fury boil on the screen, for Soulcalibur III is coming! The darkness thickens over the world, the prophecy must be fulfilled, two swords and two souls come together in the final, vsesokrushayuschey battle. Soul Calibur and Soul Edge - Who will win? Whatever the outcome of the battle, you will be able to contribute to the grand battle. New game mode Tales of Souls will deploy in front of you wonderful friends and the fate of new heroes, as well as answer many questions. Mode Vs. Standard will distract from the madding crowd, just otkoloshmativ enemy, whether virtual or soldier sitting next to each. In the Character Creation You can create your own character, but in the World Competition to win an honorable place in the standings, players from all over the world. In Soulcalibur III, each will find something of themselves! In the Character Creation mode, you can create your own character, choosing its sex, occupation, appearance, and even personal weapon! "Who are these three? To the great tournament joined by new soldiers: Zasalamel, Tira and Setsuka. Each newcomer has its own destiny, their goals and interests. Total in Soulcalibur III recruited twenty-five stylish, dissimilar characters! More exotic! In the third part of the game there were many new arenas for deadly battles, and some of them are located in the most exotic locations. You have to fight in a German castle, ancient temple, and even fight on the top of the clock tower! The possibilities are enormous. In major modes for you to open a training section, where you can both be used to the style of a fighter, but true fans Soulcalibur developers are invited to the Museum! It stores all your received prizes and awards, as well as the rest invaluable information on the history of Soulcalibur!
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