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Data: 5 Lipiec 2011

New Super Mario Bros: The Next Levels V.2 (2010/Wii/ENG)

Modified Mario with new levels! Already a number 2.Klassicheskoe Mario adventure: all at once, simultaneously!
News from the Mushroom Kingdom does not affect the novelty: the evil Bowser kidnapped Princess Peach, Mario with friends and family hit the road. For friends and relatives Mario can play your friends and family - along with you!
Development Team Nintendo for years dreamed of simultaneous multi-user games in the series Super Mario Bros. Thanks to the Nintendo Wii this dream has come true! Now travel to the Mushroom Kingdom can be alone, as before, but you can invite your friends and enjoy the adventures of four. Join the game at any time, and place a game in a team or competing - it's the players.
Call grandfather - let him show the class times for 8-bit Mario, call grandma - let them help you cope with the high-spirited Granddaddy, call my father and mother, let him find out who they run faster and jump higher. Call all, Mario triumphant return!

Features: [/ b]
• Up to 4 players simultaneously
• Actors - Mario, Luigi, and two amusing toadov; Cast - all motley population of the Mushroom Kingdom, a guest star - the constant companion of Mario Yoshi Dinosaur
• The attractive mix of cooperative and competitive modes - help someone overcome the dangerous areas or get into the worst pitfalls
• Wii console can do aerial acrobatics, balancing on an unstable platform, to help (hinder) your friends (rivals)
• New items and abilities - Mario penguin suit and a propeller
• Gay accounting and control achievements and failures in the process of passing a joint levels.

Name: [/ b] New Super Mario Bros: The Next Levels V.2
Genre: [/ b] 2.5D Platformer
Language: [/ b] English
Year: [/ b] 2010
Developer: [/ b] Nintendo EAD
Publisher: [/ b] Nintendo
Size: [/ b] 350.57 Mb
Platform: [/ b] Wii

New Super Mario Bros: The Next Levels V.2 (2010/Wii/ENG)New Super Mario Bros: The Next Levels V.2 (2010/Wii/ENG)New Super Mario Bros: The Next Levels V.2 (2010/Wii/ENG)

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