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Autor: viip
Data: 15 Marzec 2011

Rango: The Video Game (2011/Wii/ENG)

Rango - is an adventure game that takes place in a tiny desert town called Dirt, lost in the Wild West. This little world is filled with strange people, frantic horse-riding and fierce firefights. Players will experience adventures of the protagonist - a chameleon named Rango. After saving the city from drought, our hero will maintain its reputation as the Sheriff and head towards the breathtaking adventures and breath-taking feats. On his way Rango face with all the "charms" of the Old Wild West - riding, fighting, shooting - which cleverly repeating the atmosphere of the same movie.

Name: [/ b] Rango: The Video Game
Genre: [/ b] Adventure
Language: [/ b] English
Year: [/ b] 2011
Developer: [/ b] Behaviour Interactive
Publisher: [/ b] Behaviour Interactive
Size: [/ b] 1.9 Gb
File format: [/ b] ISO
Platform: [/ b] Wii

Rango: The Video Game (2011/Wii/ENG)Rango: The Video Game (2011/Wii/ENG)Rango: The Video Game (2011/Wii/ENG)

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