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Autor: viip
Data: 15 Marzec 2011

Puccas Race For Kisses (2011/Wii/ENG)

The main events of the game revolves around 11-year-old girl by the name of Pukka. She is in love with a 13-year Garou, but for the life of the young chosen one is to restore the greatness of his family, an ancient ninja clan, so he prefers Pukke constant training. The game is made in the style of an interactive cartoon for which you will be helping Pukke catch and kiss Garu.

Name: [/ b] Puccas Race For Kisses
Genre: [/ b] Platformer
Language: [/ b] English
Year: [/ b] 2011
Developer: [/ b] Otaboo
Publisher: [/ b] Neko Entertainment / Bigben Interactive
Size: [/ b] 409.72 Mb
File format: [/ b] ISO
Platform: [/ b] Wii

Puccas Race For Kisses (2011/Wii/ENG)Puccas Race For Kisses (2011/Wii/ENG)Puccas Race For Kisses (2011/Wii/ENG)

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