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[PS3] Sacred 2: Fallen Angel - ENG

Sacred 2: Fallen Angel - ENG | 9.49 Gb

Released: 2009
Genre: RPG (Rogue / Action) / 3D / 3rd Person
Developer: Ascaron Entertainment
Publisher: Software Entertainment
Platform: PS3

The energy of motion, energy magic power of thought ... This uniform force - life-giving breath of the world. When she was in careful hands of the Seraphim, Ankara flourished. All continue to be good, if not the desire to do even better. Seraphim shared the gift of command the energy that exists with the high elves. Who then would have thought that such generosity was a fatal mistake? Indeed, the city became so beautiful elves, and before it became a talented people ... Elfs developed so promptly that soon some of them decided to defy the gods themselves! Another part of elven society opposed impudent madmen. All Ankara split in two. Use the energy to rise above the immortal or to stop disastrous avidity of power, in order to save what is lost?

~ Ankara will become more lively and beautiful. Excellent graphics at the forefront of progress and realistic physical model will transform game into an adventure, bordering on reality!
~ Become the savior of the world Ancaria or dip it in darkness.
6 main characters, including a great guest from the first part of the game - Seraphim.
~ The whole world of completely open for research.
~ You will need about five hours of real time to cross it from one end to another!
~ Large-scale multi-user mode - to develop your character and engage in online battles with other players.
~ More than 800 scene and secondary tasks.
~ Ability to complete the game as for the forces of Light and Darkness for the supporters.
5 difficulty levels: bronze, silver, gold, platinum, niobium.
~ Over 200 types of weapons: from swords and axes to devastating magic wands and bows.

Publication Type: License
Language: English
Size: 9.49 GB

[PS3] Sacred 2: Fallen Angel - ENG

[PS3] Sacred 2: Fallen Angel - ENG

[PS3] Sacred 2: Fallen Angel - ENG

[PS3] Sacred 2: Fallen Angel - ENG

[PS3] Sacred 2: Fallen Angel - ENG

[PS3] Sacred 2: Fallen Angel - ENG

Download Free Sacred 2: Fallen Angel - ENG

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