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Football Manager 2011 (2010/Multi/FullRip)

Football Manager 2011 (2010/Multi/FullRip)
Language: English | PC | Developer: Sports Interactive | Publisher: Sports Interactive | 811 MB
Genre: Strategy / Sport / 3D

The issue here is football, but what counts is the reasoning. In Football Manager 2011 - a complete simulator of football - players assume the role of director of a team, having to manage everything that concerns the team, the hiring out of the field of strategy games.

The 2011 edition brings news about 400, chosen carefully by the developer Sports Interactive. The main one is the dynamic reputation system, which allows elite players to be contracted by teams partiCENZURAting in leagues less known, with a reputation based mainly on the performance of the club.

Still dealing with contracts, players will face business meetings with the agents of athletes, making proposals and agreements in real time. Each has a unique behavior. Some are aggressive, demanding lump sums, while others allow for some negotiation.

Finally, the newcomers will have opportunities to train prior to departure, eliminating the major problems faced by the players, regarding the lack of communication of their athletes.


- Fully Updated with all transfers from the summer of 2010 with another update after the January winter transfer window.
- Updated leagues with the correct clubs, i.e Blackpool in the Premiership and Portsmouth in the Championship.
- An updated database full of players which represents their real-life counterparts as close as possible.
- A 3D match engine with improved graphics to make it more realistic.

System requirements:
# Systems: Windows XP / Vista / Seven
# Processor: Celeron E1200 - 1.6GHz / Athlon 64 X2
# RAM: 1 GB
# Video Card: 128 MB
# DirectX 9.0c
# HD: 2 GB

Football Manager 2011 (2010/Multi/FullRip)

Football Manager 2011 (2010/Multi/FullRip)

Football Manager 2011 (2010/Multi/FullRip)





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