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Autor: Zibert
Data: 31 Październik 2010
Kategoria: GRY » Gry na PC

[PC] Deus Ex - ENG

[PC] Deus Ex - ENG | 802 MB

Deus Ex combines so many of the elements found in other action-adventure titles that it's almost like getting several games for the price of one. You slip into the trench coat of J.C. Denton, an operative with the top secret UNATCO antiterrorist organization. Denton's body and mind have been augmented with nanotech implants that help him fight, think, and sneak his way through a completely interactive world filled with intrigue, conspiracies, and encounters with other characters. The plot is ripped straight out of a bad X-Files episode, but the decent cutscenes and complex mission environments kept us coming back for more.

Deus Ex's real achievement is that players are free to complete missions as they see fit. As the game progresses you can upgrade your character with a variety of bioenhancements that dramatically impact gameplay. Focus on your combat skills and you'll be the Terminator by the end of the game. Upgrade your computer know-how and you'll be the equivalent of Data from Star Trek: TNG, busting into computer and security networks with ease. We were expecting a game that let us role-play a little, opting for a brute-force approach or one that required a little more stealth, but we had no idea the designers would do such a fine job of pulling it off. The experiences of both methods are unusual enough that we found ourselves revisiting level to try different tactics.

The individual components of Deus Ex--like the targeting system, inventory controls, and enemy viewing radiuses--are a little clunky when viewed individually, but they converge into an overall game that is much greater than the sum of its parts. It's easy to compare the game to titles that obviously influenced it (Thief, System Shock, and Rainbow Six immediately come to mind), but Deus Ex really stands on its own as a unique title that should appeal equally to action games, adventure lovers, and role-playing fanatics. It's just too bad players without a Voodoo card will have a hard time getting playable frame rates, since the game uses the Direct3D-unfriendly Unreal engine.

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