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Autor: Zibert
Data: 28 Październik 2010
Kategoria: GRY » Gry na PC

[PC] Dreams to Reality - ENG

[PC] Dreams to Reality - ENG | 1,3 GB

Have you ever spread your arms and taken flight?
Have you ever battled giant mechanical spider?
Have you ever been kicked to death by a pointy-headed Dwarf?

Prepare yourself to live out your most bizarre dreams.

You play Duncan, a tough guy who is anything but asleep!

Fly, backstroke, snowboard and backflip your way through over 100 wild game sets to find and wipe out the evil force that wants to control mankind's dreams and take away our free will.
Whack, chop, kickbox and lightning-bolt your way past over 100 kinds of really weird monsters, phantoms and yes, pointy headed dwarves.
17 kinds of magic powers: including the option to create a double of yourself and take over the body of another creature. Why see yourself get clobbered in combat when you can use another creature's body?

- Astonishing SVGA graphics in fast-action real-time 3D.
- Complete real-time 3D immersion: walk, fly, jump, run, swim, speak and fight.
- Over 100places to explore: exterior and interior game sets.
- Over 100 characters: monsters, phantoms, super-beings, and other dreamers.
- Powers both to create and destroy.
- Wide range of weapons and magic powers.
- Artifical intelligence permits responsive evolution of allies and enemies.
- Action enriched by elements of magic and adventure.
- Body to soul echange: jump into another character's body to face key challenges.
- Enhanced real-time character control through advanced motion blending.
- Music and sound effects out of your wildest dreams.
- Breathtaking cinematic transition sequences.

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