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Autor: Zibert
Data: 25 Październik 2010
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[PC] Act Of War High Treason - ENG

[PC] Act Of War High Treason - ENG | 3,36 GB

On the eve of the U.S. Presidential election, terror strikes again in the worst possible way - as both candidates are attacked, the sitting president is assassinated. As America tumbles into turmoil, confusion and chaos, only one man can save the nation from a threat that's growing more frightening by the day.

In this expansion pack we follow major Jason Richter and his Task Force Talon on a desperate race against time to unravel a gigantic plot to cripple the world's only super-power, with connections back to the Consortium, the shadowy organization we got to know in Direct Action. Aside from theathers of war ranging from New York and Manhattan to Cuba, Mexico and Florida, in this installment we also take the fight to the murky waters inbetween - as we're introduced to modern naval combat in the same ultra-realistic style as we did on land in Direct Action.

- New single player campaign featuring 14 new maps & 33 new missions
- NEW FEATURE - Naval Combat. Warships, submarines, anti submarine units,amphibian warships, carriers etc all represent a totally new way to play
- NEW FEATURE - Mercenaries. 9 different mercenary units with 3 different power levels
- 9 New Units to better emphasize the strengths & balance the weaknesses of the three sides
- 8 New Upgrades to improve upon some the more limited units and features from the original
- Greater Depth - overall tweaks & improvements, enhanced experience system, simplified healing and repair interfaces & Improved aircraft management
- New modes:
- Marine One Down.
- Capture the Flag mode with POTUS at stake! No base building, more like football.
- Diplomacy.
- Allow switching of sides at any time!
- Scud Hunt.
- King of the Hill mode where you need to capture and hold the super-weapons launcher
- Objective.
- Meet a player-customized objectives instead of just Last Man Standing
- On popular demand... options for restricting super-weapons and aircraft, set game pace, set wealth of map, time limits, etc.

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[PC] Act Of War High Treason - ENG

[PC] Act Of War High Treason - ENG

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