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[PC] Casebook Episode I and II - ENG

[PC] Casebook Episode I and II - ENG | 3,46 GB | 366 MB Links


The Birchermann kids have it rough. Their mother's dead, their father Larson's struggling with his demons - and now they've been kidnapped. You and Detective Burton are first on the scene, but untangling this one's going to be ... interesting.

Harry and Greta were stolen in the middle of the night - someone climbed in their window, destroyed a birdcage, and left with the kids. Who was it? Larson's not telling you everything, his new wife's a soap star, and then there's the nanny...

First things first. Start in their bedroom, look for evidence of the kidnapper, see where the trail leads. From urban castles to industrial hideaways, junkyards to forgotten bomb shelters, find the kids before their time - and yours - runs out.

- The Birchermann children have been kidnapped
- Figure out who's telling the truth, and who's got something to hide
- Explore fully 3D photoreal crime scenes
- Track the kidnapper with cutting-edge technology
- Play forensic puzzles and mini-games
- Bring the Birchermann kids back

EPISODE 2: The Watcher
It looks like an open and shut case - a lonely young man in a bad part of town calls it quits. His body is found beneath the window that he jumped out. Just another rough day at the Skylark Apartments.

But then there's the strange marks on his floor, and the video camera in his window. Was he monitoring the tenants? Lord knows, there's entertainment at the Skylark if you're looking for it. And when the room goes up in flames, the case only gets murkier - who broke into the apartment? Why burn it?

Meet the weird inhabitants of Skylark Apartments, explore the rooms, figure out who's lying and who's just stretching the truth. Because in a place like this, you'd be crazy to take things at face value...

- A young man is dead - was it suspicious?
- Explore the strange world of the Skylark apartments
- Unearth the weird truth, as the mystery deepens
- Hear from the residents and reveal new evidence
- 4 unique crime scenes
- New mini-games

If you like this game,please buy it license version!support developers;)

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