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Data: 23 Październik 2010
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StuntMANIA 4.2 - Portable

StuntMANIA 4.2 - Portable | Filesize: 66.65 Mb

StuntMANIA is a fast paced 3D stunt car driving game, where you get to perform the most amazing tricks and stunts in some really cool environments.
There are FIVE game modes in StuntMANIA with various tasks to perform. Some of the game modes are completed by achieving a high score, and some are completed by finishing a task in the quickest time possible.
You have the ability to save your best 10 scores and times on the Local Scores Leader board for each game mode, allowing you to compete against yourself and others that may play StuntMANIA on your machine. Additionally, if you have an active internet connection at the time of saving your score, you can also choose to save the score or time on the Global Scores Leader board, allowing you to compete against other players around the world.
You can select any of the TEN amazing stunt cars each with differing suspension, weight and handling. Any car can be played in any level in any game mode from an easy to navigate game selection menu.

Each level has randomly placed POWERUPS for you to find and when you do, you will have some amazing new abilities to help you reach even the highest points in the level, or the hardest to find areas. Below is a list of each Power-Up and what it does.
MEGA DRIFT - You can already use your arrow keys mid air to alter your car's direction. Now collect the MEGA DRIFT powerup to really get some mid air drift action happening.
GRAVITY - Once collected this Powerup turn down the worlds gravity allowing you to increase your airtime and jump height! Get to places you couldn't reach before!
NITRO - Will give you temporary bursts of AWESOME speed that will allow you to perform the most wonderful Tricks and Spins. The Nitro depletes quickly, but also regenerates for you over time.
TELEPORT - Will place teleport gates within each level that you can drive into and be instantly teleported to another random teleport gate. The is great for moving around the level quickly.
MIRROR - Will mirror your direction (turn you 180deg) instantly, allowing for some amazing bonus pickup moves.
SUPERJUMP - Will increase your jump force when you jump using the spacebar. Get to places you never thought possible!

New Car – Mr Taxi
Improved Level Graphics, Lighting and Shadows
Cars now respect light and shadows properly
Improved GamePad customisation support
Fixed RearView mirror position in Challenge Games
Other misc bug fixes and improvements
Memory and speed optimisations
System requirements:
Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7
DirectX 9
800 MHz
256 MB RAM
Download StuntMANIA 4.2 - Portable:

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