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Data: 17 Październik 2010
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[PC] Need For Speed VI - ENG

[PC] Need For Speed VI - ENG | 523 MB | 252 MB Links

Ever sat behind the wheel of a Lamborghini, Porsche, or Dodge Viper? Well, now you can. Like the first Hot Pursuit game, you take part in a series of races in which you must not only beat your opponents to the finish line but avoid the Police Force. Police are incredibly intelligent, tracking you down with cruisers, choppers, road blocks, and more. Every course is highly detailed with scenery like river crossings, waterfalls, beaches, volcanoes, and brush fires. Courses can be as long as fifteen heart-pounding miles.

Rewards for completing courses include new tracks and cars. A new "Be the Cop" mode lets players drive a police car and attempt to pull over the speeder who, in two- player mode, could be a friend. The Windows version allows for up to eight players via LAN or online. All in all, games like this one shouldn't be overlooked. Copyright Š 2001 Children's Software Revue

- Over 20 of the most coveted licensed exotics
- Be victorious in over 60 different racing events to become the "Champion Road Racer"
- Dynamic lighting and real world reflections bring the cars and tracks to life
- Realistic, detailed environments bring to life elements from the real world - rain, brush fires, sunbeams and dust storms

If you like this game,please buy it license version!support developers;)

[PC] Need For Speed VI - ENG

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